Crown hosts annual Student Theology Conference on campus

Crown hosts annual Student Theology Conference on campus

Written by: Dr. Glenn Myers, Professor of Church History and Theological Studies

Crown College is hosting the 13th annual Student Theology Conference in the metro Twin Cities on April 20. Students will present papers from Crown College, Bethel University, North Central University, and the University of Northwestern.

Started in 2005, the Student Theology Conference was the brainchild of Crown College’s Dr. George Gianoulis, now professor emeritus of New Testament. Twin Cities colleges rotate the conference every year among the four institutions, and Crown College is proud to host it spring 2017 as we continue our centennial celebration.

During the afternoon four students from each institution will present papers on biblical and theological topics. Two rooms of presentations run simultaneously with half-hour sessions for each presentation. These sessions are open for all to attend.

Four Crown students will present this year. Mitchell Johnson will present a fascinating paper arguing for Evangelicals to appreciate the use of icons: “John Damascene and Iconography: A Theological Defense of Images.”

Stephen Johnson’s paper is a brilliant analysis of the writings by the 19th century theologian and philosopher Soren Kierkegaard: “Towards a Pneumatological Reading of Anti-Climacus: Kierkegaard and the role of the Holy Spirit within Soteriology.”

Tyrel LaValle is presenting some challenging ideas for the study of Greek: “Defective Deponency: Enhancing New Testament Translation by a Broader Understanding of the Middle Voice.”

Finally, Matthew Michaud explores the parallels between Jesus’ temptation and the Israelite’s time in the desert: “The Son of the Wilderness: Comparing Jesus’ Wilderness Temptations to Israel’s Wilderness Wanderings.”

“The conference brings a preview to what larger conferences look like,” says Matthew Michaud, a senior at Crown. “For many of us in the Bible and Theology department, it is good to get a sense of what to expect at seminaries and other conferences we attend.”

“The Theology Conference is an opportunity for Biblical and Theological Studies seniors to utilize the skills they have learned throughout their time here at Crown by way of writing and presenting a formidable thesis paper,” adds Stephen Johnson, a senior at Crown. “Students have a unique opportunity to pursue an area of study to a much fuller and deeper degree than is usually afforded in most other classes they’ll take during their undergraduate career.”

At 6:15PM those registered for the conference will enjoy a banquet in the Crown Café. During this time we will hear from our plenary speaker, Dr. Craig Blomberg, Professor of New Testament at Denver Seminary and internationally acclaimed author and speaker. His topic will be: “Is There a Unifying Theme in the New Testament?”

Such a conference is valuable in our day. In a time when clear thinking and scholarship are seen as less important, it is essential that Evangelicals maintain a high standard of knowing God’s Word and thinking clearly about it. For the students presenting papers, this is a wonderful opportunity to speak on a topic they are passionate about and to gain experience presenting before a broader audience of faculty and students from other institutions.