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Being known is beyond being a number. It’s even beyond being a name. It’s being recognized as an individual, created uniquely and wonderfully by God Himself. Our community is built of faculty and staff who love our students, and students who care for each other. Make life-long friends that you will take beyond your college years.
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Ready to Learn

Most are aware that gaining a college degree puts you ahead of your peers a decade down the road. Education is important and valuable; however, not all education is created equally. That is why Crown focuses on developing students that not only gain the theory of a subject but can practically use the skills they take from the classroom to the field.


Beyond the Campus

Not all learning is created equal. More than ever employers are looking to hire individuals that not only grasp the basic principles but can go beyond to actually produce results. Our courses are continually working towards providing practical experiences that enhance your degree. When you graduate, we want you ready to influence the world for Jesus by being good at what you love!

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Are you passionate about something? We would love to connect you to the right major. Study what you love and become skilled in your degree. Get ready to grow in your knowledge, faith, and as a person!

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