The Crown Experience

We’ve always been in the business of educating the whole person. We desire all students to grow academically, emotionally, and spiritually. By integrating faith into the classroom, we believe students can gain deeper and richer experiences at college.

Making Stronger Ties

Though we’ve always integrated personal development, learning, and faith, we are taking it further. Our roadmap includes four questions that students should work through as they become the person God has designed them to be. This new curricular map spans throughout a student’s academic journey. We’re doubling-down on our faith focus, putting a greater emphasis on how students’ faith practically impacts their life and the world.

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Deeper Personal Development

When students leave Crown, they should be ready to take on the world and answer some tough faith questions. 

Each year of a student’s journey, we ask a different question that helps them walk through our discipleship process. These questions blend into the classroom, events, Faith Integration courses, and chapel. We want students to take biblical knowledge and apply it to their life, entering the workforce as Christians prepared to serve and influence the world with Christ-like lives.


Who am I?


Who am I with God?


Who am I with others?


Who am I with the world?


Deeper Faith

We’ve always been focused on Jesus Only; He is our primary and paramount emphasis and the foundation of everything that we do. In other words, there is nothing at Crown that Jesus doesn’t touch. 

As we deepen our learning and personal development, we inevitably increase our faith integration. We’ve become more intentional with aligning our faith events, classroom experiences, and student development. Deeper Faith events will continue to shape a person to be fully equipped for the workforce and develop a faith-filled person as they work through the personal development questions.

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Faith Events

Life Together (LT) Groups: LT Groups meet weekly on Mondays in place of our chapels. These are seminars and studies that focus on different aspects of life and allow students to enjoy a tight-knit group that helps them to work out their faith.

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Held three times weekly, our chapels are times for students to grow with one another and as a community. Whether taught by our faculty, staff, students, or outside voices, these are times we set apart to be the Church as one unified body.

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Community Service

Every student will complete community service credits. These service hours help students to live out their faith while connecting with those in the community. Students are encouraged to find service opportunities that connect with their major, which gives them practical experience in their academics, personal development, and faith.

students playing music in japenese streets for bible study programs

Destination Serve (DS) Trips

In the Spring and Summer of every year, students are sent out into the world on Destination Serve Trips. These trips help students gain a cultural perspective beyond their own. It’s a chance to serve in a way that Christ served the Church.

Our Student Experience Fee

A new fee funds The Crown Experience. Together, we can fund important aspects of college, such as:


  • Retreats
  • New staff hires focused on the student experience
  • Environmental improvements across campus to enhance community
  • Longer Welcome Week
  • Academic field trips 
  • Enhanced events
  • Special seminars
  • Senior banquet


Upcoming Projects:

  • Hiring 3 new Graduate Interns to oversee various aspects of the program
  • New Courtyard space that will allow for more centralized outdoor activities
  • Launch LT Group for seniors to practically prepare them for the world
  • Retreat for those in Spiritual Leadership and Development course


The Future

This process has been in the works for quite some time and will continue to integrate further over time. We are excited as students will experience a deeper educational experience in the coming years.






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Why we exist.

We’ve been around for over 100 years. Though many things have changed, we still center back to these central tenets.



Mission Statement

The mission of Crown College is to provide a Biblically-based education for Christian leadership in The Christian and Missionary Alliance, the church-at-large, and the world.


Vision Statement

To be the Midwest’s boldly Christian college