Crown College to Complete First Year in Omaha, Prepares Future Leaders

Crown College has a rich history of developing leaders for service in their communities.

Now, that rich education has expanded to the Omaha area.

The expansion known as Crown College Omaha — through a partnership with Christ Community Church — is about to complete its first full academic year. Nearly 40 students take classes on-site at Christ Community Church as well as online through Crown’s Canvas online platform.

The expansion is intended to prepare future leaders for service in business and ministry. Degree options in Omaha include a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Psychology Counseling, a Master of Arts (M.A.) in Counseling, a B.S. in Christian Ministry, and a B.S. in Biblical Studies. This fall, Crown Omaha will expand further with degrees including an M.A. in Ministry Leadership and an M.A. in Christian Studies. Crown also offers additional undergraduate and graduate degree programs that are online only.

“Crown College Omaha develops people who are called to serve, and prepares them to lead,” says Dr. Joel Wiggins, the President of Crown College. “Leaders are those who others follow. And all our programs are designed to develop graduates who incorporate the ethics, the passion, the motivation, and the skill sets others recognize and want to follow.”

Classes at Christ Community are held in the “Old Mill District,” located near 108th and Dodge Streets in the heart of Omaha.

As a fully accredited program, Omaha students can take approximately half of their core classes on-site at Christ Community Church and the remaining portion of their program through the Crown College School of Online Studies and Graduate Studies (SOSGS).

They meet face-to-face with professors in vocational ministry, psychology, and counseling to create a dynamic link between what the students learn in the classroom and practical application in the marketplace and in ministry. The most important differentiator? The coursework helps students learn what it means to be a leader who serves with integrity and character, and who espouses a Christian worldview even as they enter the business world.

“Contrasting news headlines which demonstrate a lack of morals, the Omaha location of Crown College is preparing students to be ethical leaders who will serve their communities with integrity,” says Dr. Alexander Zell, the Christian Ministries Program Chair and Assistant Professor of Ministry Leadership at Crown College. “Christian values of honesty, hard work, and contributing toward the common good of society are woven into our classes.”

The innovative approach to online learning has caught on with students in all walks of life — including those who are fresh high school graduates and adults who are already working in the Omaha area, seeking to expand their skill set in a competitive environment.

“As I was looking for a school to finish my degree, and Crown College Omaha quickly became the right choice for me,” says Michael Colwell, who is majoring in Christian Ministry. “I’m a nontraditional student, with an already busy schedule, looking for a Bible-based accelerated program for a calling in ministry. Crown fit all of these needs and was just a few minutes away from home.”

This exciting expansion provides a biblically-based education from a well-known Christian college in Minnesota. Students can transfer credits from other colleges while staying in the Omaha area. Scholarship programs and financial aid are also available.

Another differentiator is the College’s use of local, strategic partners.  In Omaha, Crown has partnered with Christ Community Church to provide students with quality educational facilities and a convenient location.  Other strategic partnerships include organizations with learning facilities in Atlanta, Hawaii (Kauai), Ohio, Oregon, and Washington state.

“Crown College is never afraid to innovate,” says Mark Ashton, the Lead Pastor at Christ Community Church in Omaha, who has partnered with Crown. As the landscape of ministry preparation changes, Crown is ahead of the curve.”

Students have embraced the concept over the last year. Professors are also excited about what the new opportunities to engage with students in a flexible learning environment.

“The classroom setting is very conducive to learning,” says Dr. John Holmes, a professor at Crown College Omaha for Bible and Ministry. “We have a great student-to-teacher ratio which allows for in-depth discussions and individual student questions and interaction. It’s a personal environment so we don’t shy away  from any questions that the students have.”

“It’s amazing the progress we’ve made at Crown Omaha since the ribbon cutting last August,” adds Dr. Wiggins. “We have nearly 40 students currently enrolled and Fall registration looks strong. Our team has done an excellent job serving the Omaha community. We’re committed to the greater Omaha region and excited to grow our footprint here.”

For Omaha students furthering their education, the future looks bright.


Katelin Knust

Director, Crown College Omaha
Crown College Omaha
Phone: 402-630-7132

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