Crown College Expands Content Marketing Team, Reaches Major Milestones

Crown College Expands Content Marketing Team, Reaches Major Milestones

Content is king when it comes to marketing, and Crown College has decided to christen their efforts over the past year officially. Started in January of 2017, a new Content Marketing team developed initially with a few dedicated students and one consultant. Since then, the team of pioneering students–writers, photographers, social media specialists, and videographers–have expanded their skill-sets, producing a consistent flow of news about the college.

Today, a team of 20 students work on a daily basis to tell the story of Crown, a college that started just over 100 years ago and is situated near Waconia, Minn.–one of the fastest growing communities in the Twin Cities and not far from several pristine lakes and rolling hills.

According to the Content Marketing annual progress report, the team has now produced 45 written articles, mostly about the accomplishments of students, faculty, and professors. On social media, the college has increased social media platforms by an average of 17.3%. On Instagram, the increases are much more dramatic, rising from just 400 followers in late 2016 to over 2,000 today (+400%). Content on social media led to 59,150 clicks on Facebook alone.

In September of last year, the team reached a critical milestone–14,680 people clicked on a Facebook post, the most ever. Videos posted to social media have resulted in similar increases with a total viewership of 64,984 over the last nine months.

Content Marketing is unique because the model is not common at Christian colleges, relying almost entirely on student workers (some paid and most being volunteers). Of the 20 team members, there are dedicated experts who write articles, take photos at events, produce videos, and run all of the social media channels, including LinkedIn and Twitter. The team uses tools like Slack to communicate in real-time. The social media team also uses Buffer to approve and schedule social media content. Trello is the app of choice for product management.

In recent months, the team has even expanded into new areas. Outbound Marketing is an effort to promote Crown through speaking engagements, in-person contacts, and service projects at camps and churches. An Influencer Marketing program seeks to interact with Social Ambassadors who share Crown stories with their own followers. An External Marketing program seeks to place content at third-party websites and in magazines.

This fall, Content Marketing will reach their stride, after having spent most of 2017 building up their capabilities and focusing on their process and skills. The team developed a new website to be released this summer as an introduction to their areas of expertise, adding a promotional video, photos and bios for every team member, and descriptions about their areas of work.

It’s an exciting time for Content Marketing because there are so many stories to tell. Recent news articles include one about how pastors can reach Millennials, a new Social Entrepreneurship class, a story about an NFL strength coach helping an Exercise Science class, and a video about the combined worship event between several local Christian colleges.

There’s only more to share, more to learn about marketing techniques–and more news, photography, and videos to produce for social media. If you’d like to find out more about how the team started, how students became so integral to the marketing of the college, and where it’s all heading, feel free to send us an email or drop a note on social media.