Crown College to expand social media efforts in 2017

Crown College to expand social media efforts in 2017

Facebook now has almost 2 billion users worldwide. That massive social media footprint is hard to ignore, and many experts are suggesting that social media is the new form of marketing. Indeed, companies spend millions on Facebook ads per year, and many users view Facebook as a primary way to communicate with friends and family online.

Twitter is also part of mainstream culture, especially in the United States. We’re now living in an age when celebrities, athletes, and even the President of the United States communicate directly with their following by posting tweets. Microsoft recently purchased LinkedIn for $26 billion, and users are also flocking to SnapChat (about to have an IPO) and Instagram.

In terms of the age demographic for those seeking an education, either as a college student or for a graduate degree, social media is also a primary communication platform. It’s one of the best ways to network, look for opportunities in the work world, and share your viewpoints to a wider audience — almost to the exclusion of other communication platforms.

That’s why Crown College has decided to ramp up our social media efforts. A new Social Media Team is now working diligently to cover events on campus, report on milestones and achievements on campus, and to broaden the impact of the college. You’ll see far more activity on Facebook with photos, videos, and news reports about the college. On Twitter and LinkedIn, there’s a new effort to connect with a wider audience all over the globe.

It’s a fitting time for this new marketing effort. Crown College is currently celebrating it’s centennial year. The college started in October of 1916 as a way to train future leaders and ministry workers in their chosen fields. There are now over 40 accredited degree programs, and there has rarely been such a contagious, Christ-centered atmosphere on campus. There’s no way to predict how God will use the college over the next 100 years.

Some of the new social media efforts will include a campaign on Instagram, SnapChat, and other platforms where users submit a photo wearing Crown College apparel. Another highlight will be a profile of a Crown College baseball player who has a compelling story about his decision to follow Christ and his passion for sports by attending Crown. You’ll see a more “visual” side of the college, one that helps you see what life is like on campus. This helps alumni reconnect with Crown, attracts new students, and creates a vibrant community.

And, it will become easier to connect with college faculty, staff, and administration. The Social Media Teams will be charged with not only submitting more news stories about campus life and programs, but will also be looking for ways to reach out and interact with anyone interested in Crown College, even if it is to seek more information about programs and activities.

We’re excited to see how this new effort on social media will help the college reach a broader audience and have a greater impact on the world through God’s handiwork!

Here’s how you can help. Do you have a story to tell about how Crown helped you grow and mature in your faith, develop your leadership skills, or helped you find a career? Are you a prospective student with questions about the student life here on campus? Send us an email at or chat with us on our Facebook page.

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