Content Marketing Team Expands, Succeeds, and Prepares for Third Year

There’s something unique about how Crown College runs its social media accounts, handles many of the photo requests for events, and tells the stories you read online.

In January of 2017, an idea started to germinate. Given the many talents and proficient skills of the student body, the Marketing Office decided to form a Content Marketing team comprised of Crown College students.

It made perfect sense. There’s a well-established Communication major. Many of the students in other programs are also exceptional writers and photographers, and no age group understands the ins and outs of social media like college students. The concept of forming a team suddenly became a reality — first with a handful of students in the spring semester of 2017. By that fall, the team grew to 15 students. A year later, 24 students were actively involved.

Remarkably, the growth is reflected in the statistics since January of 2017. In two years, the social media presence for Crown has grown exponentially. High school students enjoy using Instagram, and by emphasizing consistent content on that platform, the number of followers increased from 400 to a current total of 2,507 — that’s 526% growth. LinkedIn has grown by 812 followers as well, and Twitter has grown by 1,655 followers in just two years.

Facebook followers also grew significantly, adding well over 2,000 new followers in just two years (to a total of 7,157 as of January 2019). In terms of written stories, those on Content Marketing have produced 126 articles, posted on the website. While it might not be obvious, almost every news article you read was scribed by a current student. Photographers on the Content Marketing team have also documented 94 events for marketing and social media purposes.

There’s a remarkable story related to video as well. Students on the Content Marketing team started creating social media videos in 2018, generating 1,716 Facebook viewing hours of Crown videos featuring our events, activities, and accomplishments. Even more remarkable, of the videos produced in the last two years the amount of time spent watching them on Facebook increased 40,000% from the previous two years.

You might be wondering how this team has done so well. Yes, there’s a strong mentoring and professional development structure in place, but God has also blessed Crown with gifted students who have demonstrated perseverance, diligence, and good old fashioned hard work.

As it says in Psalm 119:1, “You’re blessed when you stay on course, walking steadily on the road revealed by God.”

Content Marketing created a team motto early on: consistent quality. By writing articles, taking photos, creating videos, managing social media platforms, and doing all of this at a consistently high standard, the students have excelled in the product they produce and the cachet of the college has grown.

What’s more exciting, this department is just getting started. New students are joining on a regular basis and there are multiple processes in place to help them, train them, keep them connected to one another, and motivate them to succeed. Every student who works on the Content Marketing team is given five clear goals at the beginning of the semester and taught how to utilize such tools as Slack and Trello for communication and project management.

God has great plans for how to spread the word about what is happening at Crown through the written word, photography, video, and on social media. Stay tuned for more!