Christian History Magazine Selects Dr. Glenn Myers as Consulting Editor

Christian History Magazine Selects Dr. Glenn Myers as Consulting Editor

A Crown professor recently served as a Consulting Editor at a well-known Christian magazine.

Working with the Christian History Institute, Dr. Glenn Myers worked with the editorial staff, planned out articles, and was asked to write the lead feature article for Christian History Magazine.

The experience proved rewarding not only because Dr. Myers was able to work with the staff and plan out the topics for the print issue, but the work matched up with his own career writing books about historical faith topics and the classes he teaches at Crown College.

“We needed someone to write the articles on the Beguines (the laywomen who formed communities for spiritual growth beginning in the 13th century) and the Friends of God Movement of the 14th century,” says Dr. Myers. “I volunteered to do both, and then the editor and I decided to merge these into one article that will be the lead article for the issue.”

The issue of the magazine is called Medieval Lay Mystics and debuts this summer. The “mystics” covered in the issue sound mysterious but they are often referenced by famous theologians like A. W. Tozer and A. B. Simpson. Those authors often quote the mystic Meister Eckhart of the 14th Century. The topics are frequently mentioned in courses Dr. Myers teaches like Church History, Spiritual Formation, New Testament electives and various other classes that are part of the Bible, Theology and Ministry degrees.

Dr. Myers has studied the Beguines for the last decade. In 2011, Dr. Myers published a book with InterVarsity Press called Seeking Spiritual Intimacy: Journeying Deeper with Medieval Women of Faith and he has written articles for CBN on the topic as well.

“These women have so much to teach us about loving God’s Word and meditating on it all day long, cultivating a deep prayer life, living in community with like-minded Christians and finding a mentor, living lives of simplicity, and serving the poor,” he says.

Curiously, many Christians are not fully aware of the great men and women of the faith, and some are unheralded because they served quiet lives of servanthood.

“Over the past 2,000 years of Christianity there have been so many spiritual giants—men and women of God who we can learn from,” says Dr. Myers. “Often we hear about Martin Luther or John Wesley, but most of us will not lead lives like theirs. Rather, we can look at people like the Beguines and other laypeople who lived very simple lives but did so in a way that pursued God with their whole heart and mind and energy.”

A few of the additional courses Dr. Myers teaches include Spiritual and Personal Formation, Methods of Bible Study Acts, and the Pastoral Epistles.

“I am passionate about introducing thirsty believers today to some of the spiritual leaders of the past so that we can learn from them,” he says. “Also by studying those who have gone before us, we can keep from repeating mistakes made in previous generations.”

It’s clear the new issue of Christian History Magazine will help believers understand the rich history of the faith. To inquire about the magazine, see this link.