Chapel Update

This fundraising effort was completed last year, thanks to all our donors for a successful drive!

Now is the time to restore the Heart of Crown’s Chapel

Crown’s Chapel is literally at the heart of the cross on campus, located in the center of the main building and serving as a place of worship. Its stained glass windows and Kasota-stone wall and polished floor are as beautiful today as when we purchased the campus in 1969. Students, alumni, faculty, and staff all love this heart of campus. When prospective students and their families visit, they marvel at the history and beauty of our unique Chapel.

However, after almost 50 years, not all areas of the Chapel have kept their original beauty and functionality. The acoustical ceiling has holes and water damage. The wooden walls are worn and scarred. Many of the pews need to be repaired or replaced. The lighting is poor and there is no video technology for church services or performances.

It’s time to restore the Chapel to its original quality and enhance its technology and seating to meet the needs of our college! Would you please consider financially supporting this critical project?

The Opportunity

There are three key areas that need restoring and updating in the Chapel:

Video and Lighting Technology ($91,000)

  • Video projector and wiring: $24,000
  • Video screen and TV monitor set-up: $11,000
  • Electrical wiring (high voltage installed): $10,000
  • Ceiling lights and controls for the stage: $30,000
  • Ground lighting and wiring: $16,000

Restoration of Ceiling and Walls ($27,000)

  • Ceiling patching and painting: $7,000
  • Wall replacement and staining: $20,000

Replacement of Pews ($32,000)

  • 320 upholstered chairs: $32,000

Total Chapel Restoration and Update: $150,000

Help us Restore the Chapel

Will you donate today to help us restore the beauty and functionality of the Chapel? All donations are welcome. Please send a check or donate online here.

To thank you, we are planning a celebration chapel and choir service at Homecoming on Saturday, September 22, 2018, for everyone to attend. Following the service, we will hold a special dessert reception for individuals who have given to this restoration project.