Science Education Degree

Bachelor of Science Education

Science Education Overview

Designed for students who anticipate a career in secondary education or middle school, this program is planned to meet Minnesota’s requirements for the Science teaching license, grades 5-12. The student must be accepted into both the Math and Science Department and the Teacher Education Department and meet all the requirements in both departments.

Students will be required to take the MTLE Basic Skills tests on applying to the department. To apply for a full, first-time license, students will need to have passed the MTLE Basic Skills, Pedagogy, and Content test.

Teacher Education Department

The Teacher Education Department prepares teachers for Christian leadership in public and private schools. In addition to offering early childhood and elementary education programs, the Department coordinates and provides core courses for all secondary and K-12 licensure programs. Students who complete Crown College’s teacher education programs have demonstrated competency in planning, conducting, and evaluating lessons; in developing and maintaining an effective learning environment; and in guiding the academic and personal growth of students. The foundational studies in Bible and theology combined with a strong academic program and practical school experiences produce strong candidates for successful teaching careers.

All teacher licensure programs are regularly reviewed and approved by the Minnesota Board of Teaching, so graduates of these programs are eligible to receive the necessary credentials to teach in both public and private schools. Each of the education programs has been designed to meet Minnesota’s requirements for teaching licensure.