Music Education (B.M.E.)

The Bachelor of Music Education prepares young men and women to become Christ-centered music educators in public and private schools. In addition to completing Crown College’s required credits in biblical studies, B.M.E. students receive comprehensive musical training that includes planning, conducting, and evaluating lessons; developing and maintaining an effective learning environment; and guiding the academic and personal growth of students.

The B.M.E. is administered through the Music Department and the Teacher Education Department. The rigorous academic program includes a full-semester internship, either abroad or in the U.S., during which students work alongside educators and worship leaders to develop their Christ-centered teaching skills while still in college.

Students gain professional experience through student teaching, church music practice, student ministries, and recitals. The Music Department’s extensive performance opportunities range from recitals and musicals to positions in College Choir, Chamber Choir (both of which perform abroad biannually), Women's Choir, Crown Brass, Crown Orchestra, and Christmas in Crown Chapel.

Graduates obtain K-12 licensure in Minnesota in order to teach music professionally in public and private schools. Some graduates continue on to graduate school in music education, having gained a firm foundation in teaching music through their B.M.E. degree.

Students are required to take the MTLE Basic Skills tests on applying to the department. To apply for a full, first-time license, students need to pass the MTLE Basic Skills, Pedagogy, and Content test.