Biology (B.S.)

Bachelor's of Science

The Mathematics and Science Department’s Biology B.S. integrates biblical studies with math and science to develop excellence in academics and spiritual character in students. The department’s holistic perspective on studying the biological sciences is far from a cookie-cutter approach. Crown’s students graduate, essentially, with a double major in biology and bible studies, having fulfilled Crown’s required 30 hours of biblical courses.

Christ-centered faculty and staff work alongside students as mentors and advisors, encouraging their spiritual growth as much as their academic excellence. While studying the scientific and mathematical principles behind biology and chemistry, students also learn how God creates. In fact, the deeper students venture into their studies, they become more aware of His intelligence and intention in creating our world.

This holistic approach to studying biological sciences uniquely develops skills in evangelism and discipleship while preparing students for medical school; graduate school in biology, research or forensic science; or a position in a science-related industry, an environmental nonprofit or corporation, or a government organization.

By choosing to enroll in one of these degree programs, students begin a vibrant spiritual life, while demonstrating the academic rigor and scientific inquiry necessary to become confident, competent leaders in their fields.