English (B.A.)

Bachelor of Arts

The English B.A. prepares young men and women for professions such as church ministry, theology, journalism, linguistics, technical writing, library science, business, and education. The degree also serves as preparation for graduate studies in English, or such Christian-service areas as pastoral, intercultural, and counseling ministries.

The Christ-centered faculty members bring an excellent diversity of philosophical backgrounds to the study of literature and writing, including feminist and existential perspectives. In addition to fulfilling general education requirements, students take courses with an emphasis in literature and writing. The Christian-studies core ensures English majors advance not only their academic and intellectual development, but also their spiritual development in Christ’s name.

Working with an academic advisor/mentor, students choose elective courses that tailor their educational and vocational goals to their program. Students may choose a concentration in one of several areas as well as earn a semester of course work in study-abroad programs that apply to the English major.