Jen Niska

Chief of Staff and College Communications

Jen Niska brings a wealth of experience in higher education, public affairs, and politics. In leadership roles at Bethel University, she served in online education, non-traditional student enrollment, and corporate relations. Jen worked as Chief of Staff for Weber Johnson Public Affairs and brings valuable expertise in legislation and public policy, including knowledge of lobbying and the legislative process. In her most recent role at North Central University, Jen served as Executive Director for Online Education. She was instrumental in bringing North Central courses online, with excellence, during the “pandemic pivot” of 2020. Jen’s diverse experience in higher education and elsewhere and her ability to think strategically and creatively make her a powerful asset as she leads Crown’s marketing and communications efforts.

Jen is passionate about and deeply committed to the mission of Christian higher education. She holds a doctorate in Higher Education Leadership from Bethel University, an M.A. in Christian Leadership from Sioux Falls Seminary, and her bachelor’s degree from the University of Sioux Falls. Jen’s goal is to lead well and provide opportunities for accessible, excellent, and affordable Christ-centered education.

Jen and her husband, Harry, live in Ramsey, Minnesota, with their children Kaisa, Nathanael, and Jude.