Are You Looking for a Christian College? Read This!

By Linsey Zell

If you’re a student looking for a Christ-based education, it helps to know a few guidelines when selecting from a wide variety of Christian college options. Here are some tips to help you narrow down your search.

1. Look into scholarship options

Even if you work the weekend shift at Burger King while in high school, it’s important to know the costs associated with attending college. Fortunately, many colleges have scholarship opportunities and financial aid packages. Crown College has several scholarships available to students on their webpage. The challenge of choosing the right Christian college is finding a genuine community of faith that’s still affordable.

2. Read their statement of faith

The last thing you want is to be unaware of the spiritual life expectations on campus. Fortunately, every college has a statement of faith that spells out what the college believes. Some students sign it thinking it’s like the “terms of use” agreement for an iPhone app (one that you may never actually read). For any Christian college, make sure your own beliefs match up with the college.

3. Seek out spiritual growth opportunities

A Christian college that stands by the Bible and believes every word will provide numerous opportunities to learn from leaders in the church, serve with other believers, and attend Christ-centered events. There are many different colleges on the spectrum from being Christian only in name to being a vibrant, spiritually alive community. Knowing which one is right for you is crucial in your college search. Many Christian colleges require chapel attendance, and the chapels are often a good way to learn more about God and grow spiritually.

4. Check the college’s application requirements

Each college has its own set of standards for acceptance. Most colleges require a minimum score on the ACT or SAT, but there are some exceptions. Many schools require a letter of recommendation as well as an essay. During the application process to a Christian college, you are often required to share your spiritual journey in written-form. It’s important to look into the application requirements so you can be well-prepared before the submission deadline. By familiarizing yourself with the requirements of the school, you will have a better chance of being accepted.

5. Think about the extracurricular activities

Not every student wants to play intramural basketball or participate in dodgeball every night. Look for a variety of extracurricular activities. Make sure you know what’s available so that there is no confusion; you might be excited to find out the college not only has a disc golf course but league play, or that students have organized activities related to a robotics club. Take into account that there are often extracurriculars at Christian colleges not offered by other schools. You will have the opportunity to participate in Bible studies and a Christ-centered community, building lasting friendships.

6. Compatibility of credits with other colleges

For anyone who has already completed a few credits in high school or at another institution, make sure the college you are interested in will accept transfer credits. There are many Christian colleges that are not accredited, and this a very important detail to know when applying for college.

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