April 16, 1:30pm: Crown Announces Refunds for Room & Board

St. Bonifacius, MN—(April 7, 2020)—President Wiggins announced today that Crown College is issuing a full refund on room and board for all students who lived and ate on campus this Spring.

The refund reflects the pro-rata amount for the 54 days the campus is closed this semester.

“Our Finance team spent many days going thru each student’s room and board plan to be sure we refunded the exact amount each student received,” said President Wiggins.

Not all colleges are giving full refunds. Some are offering partial refunds and retaining an administrative fee or offering the refund as a credit toward the Fall semester or keeping something back to cover utilities or partial food service.

Crown is offering the full refund to our students.

“This is the right thing to do,” stated President Wiggins. “The students paid for a service we weren’t able to give them when we wisely closed the campus after Spring Break. In a real sense, this is their money, not ours.”

The overall cost to Crown is $685,000. About 80% of this amount is expected to be covered by a federal government grant. The rest will come from the Crown general fund.