Cornerstone Church Program

For nearly 100 years, Crown College has partnered with churches to prepare Christians to serve and influence the world. Driven by a vision of being Christ-centered, educationally excellent, globally connected, and affordable, our mission to "prepare leaders for the C&MA, the church-at-large, and the world" is the calling by which we celebrate our history and plan for our future. 

The Cornerstone Church Program exists to strengthen the Church/College relationship and to provide benefits for students from participating churches through tuition grants.  Cornerstone churches are encouraged to pray for the students, faculty and staff; promote Crown's Christ-centered programs; and provide support through giving to the annual fund.

All previous partnership programs including the Church Matching program, the Ministry Matching program, and the Tuition Grant program were combined under the identity of the Cornerstone Church Program, which replaced other church grant programs effective with the 2013-14 academic year.


  • Churches who give $1000 or more to the Crown College Annual Fund shall be members of the Cornerstone Church Program. Cornerstone benefits include tuition grant eligibility, member communications and events.
  • Churches enroll by contributing an annual gift amount or by designating a percentage of the church budget to be sent to the College each year. The percentage option is based on the church's general operating budget excluding funds for non-operational projects such as missions and capital campaigns.
  • All students from participating churches will receive tuition grants based on the giving commitment of their home church. Students will receive the optimum grant based on either the budget percentage or the annual contribution of the church.       
1% or $2,000
2% or $5,000
3% or $10,000+
  • Tuition grant eligibility is determined by the January to December giving in the year previous to the academic year in which a student is enrolled. For example, church giving in the previous year will determine the grants a student will receive in the upcoming academic year.
  • Students must be enrolled fulltime as defined by their program catalog and meet the standard admission requirements to receive Cornerstone tuition grants.
  • Home church is defined as a church in which the student or student's parent have been members for at least six months prior to the student's enrollment at Crown College. Questions about defining a student's "home church" will be resolved by an Advancement administrator and the senior pastor.
  • Churches may continue to give scholarships to an individual student's account, but only contributions to the Crown Fund qualify for Cornerstone membership.

Questions about the Cornerstone Church Program can be directed to the Crown College Office of External Relations at 1-800-646-2586.  You can also directly contact Denise Heskin, Coordinator of External Relations, at 952-446-4350, email: .

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