Crown Parents FAQ

  • When does the next semester begin for on-campus students?

    Here is a link to the Academic Calendar which outlines the Crown’s upcoming fiscal school year.

    As a reminder, students will need to pay their semester student account balance before the start of the semester. Students must pay all charges not covered by financial aid (scholarships, grants, and loans). That balance can be paid via cash, check or credit card, or by registering for the Tuition Management Systems payment plan. Tuition Management Systems is the only monthly payment option available. The plan eliminates the lump sum payment due at the start of each semester. For more information, visit or call 1-800-722-4867. Personnel are available in the Student Billing Office to assist students and their families so they understand the overall process, as well as the policies and deadlines associated with paying their bill

    Payment deadlines for each semester:

    • Fall semester payment is due August 1, 2016
    • Spring semester payment is due January 3, 2017.
  • What financial assistance is available?

    Grants and Scholarships
    Grants and scholarships do not need to be repaid. Institutional and academic grants, and scholarships from Crown College, require full-time attendance (12 or more credits/semester), continuous full-time enrollment and cumulative GPA renewal standards.

    Federal Scholarships and Grants
    Federal Pell Grants and Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants (FSEOG) are awarded to undergraduate students based on financial need as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Receipt of funding through these programs is contingent upon meeting student eligibility requirements and availability of federal funding.

    Minnesota State Grant
    Minnesota State Grant funding is determined by the state of Minnesota and is subject to change.

    Work Study Eligibility
    Students can apply for an on-campus job at even if work study is not listed on their award letter. There are other jobs on campus which do not require work study eligibility and additional work study dollars may become available at a later time. (Food service requires an application through A’viands.) Student wages are paid directly to the student,not to the student’s Crown College account, and should not be deducted when calculating the amount due to the college. Crown College cannot guarantee a student’s employment or earnings.

    Contact information
    Visit for more information on borrowing or email:

  • How can I make an online payment to my son/daughter’s school bill/account?

    The student must give access to their account information to do an online payment. Also, students need to give permission for parents to discuss billing items with them. This is due to FERPA regulations. We welcome parents to send in checks or call the Billing Office with a credit card number for payments.

    Billing Office:

  • What advice can I give my student as they start college?

    Here are a few recommendations to emphasize:

    • Go to classes.
    • Actively listen, participate in class discussions, take notes and review the notes after class.
    • Study every day and use a study process that has proven effective in the past.
    • Think about the material being learned.
    • At the beginning of the semester, note on a calendar the semester’s reading, quiz and test due dates.
    • Plan ahead and start long-term projects prior to the due dates.
    • Find a productive study space and use it daily.
    • Concentrate on time management. It is a daily decision to use time wisely.
    • Ask for help from instructors, a tutor, at the Study Lab and/or from your academic advisor.
  • How does Crown College promote spiritual growth in students?

    Chapel attendance is the primary gathering of the Crown College family. Attendance at Chapel services, Deeper Life and Missions Festival daytime and evening meetings and other special services are required of all students carrying six or more credit hours.

    The Christian Service Program exists to provide opportunities for students to serve God and to minister to the needs of others within the Christian and Missionary Alliance, the Church-at-large and the world. It is the desire of Crown College that the Christian Service Program will help students:

    • Explore their ministry gifts
    • Prepare for a life of service to others
    • Impact the community, the church and the world
    • Pattern their life after the example of Jesus Christ
  • What safety features are currently in place on campus?
    • Name badges restrict and provide entrance to specific areas on campus.
    • A camera surveillance system is in use in several areas on campus.
    • Students are given instructions to sign up for the campus mass notification alert system.
    • Fire drills and tornado drills are done on campus.
    • Resident Assistants receive specific safety training before students arrive on campus each year.
  • What career services are available?

    Career Services assists students and alumni in making and implementing career and educational plans. Our goal is to connect with students early in their time at Crown College and to work with them throughout their time at Crown. Our desire is that students will take responsibility and initiative in career exploration and planning. Services include assistance with choosing a career or major, writing a resume, developing interviewing skills, finding internships and searching for jobs or graduate school options.

    Career Services also has a resource library and an extensive website that includes internships, full-time, part-time and summer jobs with local employers. The Career Events page tells students about Career Fairs and which businesses, ministries, mission organizations and graduate schools will be recruiting on campus throughout the school year.

  • Are there counseling services available for my son/daughter?

    The Counseling Services Office offers professional, confidential counseling services for all registered students. The Counseling Services Office has on-campus counselors and counseling interns who are available to students by appointment. There is no fee for the use of this service. There are situations when a student’s needs and/or the community’s well-being may warrant the student being referred to off-campus professional counseling. In this case, the student is responsible to pay for the counseling fees and any transportation costs. Students who wish to use Counseling Services must fill out an intake form available online.

  • Where can I get proof that my son/daughter is enrolled at Crown College to give to my employer or insurance agent?

    The Registrar’s Office provides proof of enrollment. Your son/daughter can log on to Our.Crown.Edu to submit the Enrollment Verification Request, located under Students/Online Forms. The Registrar’s Office can send the verification letter directly to the employer or an insurance agency, if requested.

  • Who do I notify if my son/daughter will be missing classes due to illness or a family emergency?

    Your son or daughter should contact each instructor to alert them to the situation and find out if alternate arrangements can be made for classwork, if necessary. Most students contact instructors by email or through their online class portal. Keep in mind that each instructor has varying attendance requirements.

  • When should I make travel arrangements for my student to come home for holidays?

    In order to help students plan their holiday travel, the academic calendar is published a year in advance and the final exam schedule is published prior to the start of each semester. Please refer to the academic calendar for the dates when the college is in session to ensure your student does not miss any classes or exams. Final exams occur until Thursday evening of the last week of the semester. After registering for classes, students should check the published final exam schedule to determine the days and times of their final exams before making any travel arrangements. Please note that rescheduling finals due to travel plans is not permitted.

  • What is the nearest airport to Crown College?

    The closest airport to Crown College is Minneapolis/St. Paul International Airport (MSP). The Minneapolis/St. Paul airport is approximately 30 miles from Crown College.

  • What is the Crown College student mailing address?

    Mail Center, Student Name/Campus Box #/8700 College View Drive/St. Bonifacius, MN 55375

  • Where can we purchase items for the dorm room once we arrive on campus?

    The closest shopping can be found in Waconia. For example, in Waconia you will find: Target, 875 E. Main Street; Walgreens, 121 Depot Drive; and Mackenthun’s Supermarket, 851 Marketplace Drive. Shopping is also available in Chanhassen, Eden Prairie and Minneapolis. Here is a link that may be helpful:

  • What meal plans are available?

    Meal Plans for 2020-2021

    15 Meal Plan Required for Freshmen. All classes eligible. 15 weekly meals in Crown Dining Center; Two weekly meal exchange in the Café; $175 FLEX $2,250/semester
    10 Meal Plan Sophomores-Juniors-Seniors 10 weekly meals in Crown Dining Center; Two weekly meal exchange in the Café; $300 FLEX $2,250/semester
    7 Meal Plan Sophomores-Juniors-Seniors 7 weekly meals in Crown Dining Center; Two weekly meal exchange in the Café; $175 FLEX $1,980/semester
    Block Plan Seniors ONLY 75 meals during semester in Crown Dining Center; NO FLEX $1,315/semester

    General Program Information
    All undergraduate students residing on campus are required to participate in one of the four food service meal plans. College freshman are required to participate in the 15 Meal plan; there are 19 possible meal choices in an academic week without breaks. Meal plan exceptions may be granted for a dietary related allergy illness that has been diagnosed by a practicing MEDICAL DOCTOR and that cannot be reasonably accommodated by the food service provider.

    Dining service hours are 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. weekdays. Weekends are limited hours with brunch and dinner served. Hours are posted at the dining service entrance. Students not on a meal plan may have money deposited into their account by contacting Food Services or stopping by the Coffee Shoppe during open hours.

    Meal Plan Policy Highlights:

    • Flex Dollars do carry over from semester to semester (with a maximum carryover of $150), but do not carry over year-to-year.
    • Students are charged for a full meal each time they enter the Dining Hall.
    • Students MUST present a valid College ID card/meal card at all registers.
    • Student ID cards and meal plans may not be shared.
    • Students who utilize their weekly meal allowance may use FLEX dollars to purchase additional meals.
    • Food service is provided during fall and winter breaks, but not during Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring, Easter, or Summer breaks.
  • Are There Additional Options to Eating in the Dining Hall?

    Along with the dining hall, students can eat in the Storm Café and the Coffee Shoppe.

    Boxed Lunch Availability
    A box lunch may be obtained in place of a meal if requested 24 hours in advance. To do this, students must download, print and fill out the box lunch request form from the food service website and bring it to any food service staff member. Box lunch options are numerous and always include fresh fruits, vegetables, salad options and snack options.

  • What if my student has special dietary needs?

    Students with medical/dietary concerns may be granted an exemption to the meal plan if their needs cannot be adequately met through the food service program. Crown College Food Service is willing to make special accommodations to work with students to meet their dietary needs and certain exemption requests may not be granted.

    Students must submit information from their medical doctor on a “Food Plan Exemption” form available from Student Development, the Operations Office or online at The Meal Plan Exemption Committee will evaluate the exemption form and will determine whether the food service can accommodate modifications to the student’s nutritional plan or whether another exemption is in order. The committee will keep all personal health information strictly confidential.

  • What should I know about health insurance?

    The Crown College Board of Trustees has mandated that health insurance coverage is required for all students who carry six or more credit hours and attend seated classes on campus. Exemptions from campus student health insurance will be granted only for students that provide proof of insurance coverage through their parents or another personal coverage plan at registration.

    When a student registers for classes, they are asked if they have health insurance. If they have insurance, it directs them to enter their current health insurance information.

  • What health services are available on campus?

    The campus health office is staffed weekdays by a registered nurse and is open to all registered students. Free, confidential health services include physical assessment, first aid, over-the-counter medication, medical referral and wellness consultation.

  • Where do students purchase textbooks?

    MSB Direct is the online service that handles our textbooks. MBS has all of our courses and the textbooks that are required by our professors. Students can, but are not required, to purchase their textbooks through this company. Any questions regarding textbook purchasing: For on-campus Arts & Science students: Carole Peterson, 952-446-4202 or For online students: Joy Hardy, 952-446-4320,

  • I’d like to order Crown apparel for my son/daughter.

    Crown apparel is available on campus and online at the Crown Campus Store .

  • What kind of academic help does Crown College provide to students?
    • The Study Lab is available to any student.
    • Instruction on study skill strategies and time management skills is available.
    • Students with an IEP or 504 Plans are encouraged to share those with Dr. McCracken.
    • Weekly study groups are available for several core curriculum classes.
  • Are Study Abroad opportunities available?

    Crown College has a wide variety of accredited off-campus study programs available to students. Students may apply for programs in a variety of locations such as England (Oxford), Latin America, Russia, China, the Middle East, Australia and Uganda. We primarily partner with the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities, Jerusalem University College and CCTECC. Each program enables students to travel and experience distinct cultural components throughout that region of the world.

    Crown also offers off-campus programs in the U.S., focused on film, journalism, politics and contemporary music.

    Space is limited for off-campus study. Students must apply in the fall semester to study off campus in the upcoming year. For more information on the off-campus sites, available courses of study, available grants and the application process, contact the director of academic programs.

  • What banks are available in the area?

    Crown College partners with Klein Bank. The nearest Klein Bank is at 8900 Minnesota 7, Saint Bonifacius, MN 55375. There are additional banks in the area. Here is a link to the banks in the Waconia area:

  • What health services are available in the area?

    Ridgeview Medical Center is an independent acute-care hospital located in Waconia, Minn. It has affiliated clinics in the southwestern Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area.

  • What about Internet and e-mail service?

    Each student is given a Crown College email address that is used for all campus communications. User name and password information will be provided when the student begins the enrollment process.

    The campus has a fairly extensive wireless network that should provide Internet access for students anywhere on campus.

    A computer lab equipped with Windows and Macintosh computers is available to students at no charge in two locations on campus. These have printer, email and Internet access. Each student gets up to $50 of printing costs per semester before they are charged for printer usage.

  • Who should be contacted in case of an emergency situation?

    Calls to the Crown College Campus Safety phone number, 952-412-3658, are answered 24 hours a day by on-call campus personnel.

  • Crown College Campus Safety

    Please visit: Campus Safety Page