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We exist because we want to help people find Crown College. We are devoted to helping make the process simple as you search for your new college home. Can we find time to talk and discuss your college goals? We would love to hear about your passions, your heart, and ultimately where you feel God is leading you.


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Inder Singh

Phone: 952-446-4347 | Email: singhi@crown.edu

  • Favorite thing about Crown College: Crown is more than a community. The faculty, staff, and students truly become a family. The support that everyone receives at Crown is outstanding.
  • Hobbies: I love fantasy sports, Reading young adult mysteries, I’m passionate about Taboo and Scattegories, Going to the movies is one of my favorite things, finding random coffee shops. 
  • Fun Fact: I have never carved a pumpkin

Admissions Counselor

Nora Xiong

Phone: 952-446-4145 | Email: Xiongn@crown.edu

  • Favorite Twin Cities Spot: Mall of America
  • Hobbies: Playing Sports and traveling
  • Favorite thing about Crown College: I enjoy the close-knit community Crown has to offer.


Josh Stirrat

Phone: 952-446-4346 | Email: stirratj@crown.edu

  • Favorite thing about Crown: I love our Sunday night student-led worship services, called Selah. Student Chaplains and the worship team foster such a special unique environment where God is so obviously present.
  • Hobbies: I am always down to watch Star Wars, build LEGO, listen to soundtracks, or play some video games. I also love getting into the great outdoors and camping, playing disc golf, and hiking.
  • Fun Fact: I will never watch The Titanic.
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Jonnie Goodsmanson

Phone: 952-446-4356 | Email: goodmansonj@crown.edu

  • Fun Fact: I’ve recorded music professionally and acted in a small independent film
  • Hobbies: Working out, taking motorcycle trips, anything where my family is all locked in one place
  • Favorite thing about Crown College:I love that the culture of Crown College is to know one another well. This represents the character of Christ in that we are known and loved by Him, and are to know and love others.
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