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We exist because we want to help people find Crown College. We are devoted to helping make the process simple as you search for your new college home. Can we find time to talk and discuss your college goals? We would love to hear about your passions, your heart, and ultimately where you feel God is leading you.


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Mitch Fisk

Phone: 952-446-4121 | Email: fiskm@crown.edu

  • Family Info: Married, three children (two in college, one in high school)
  • Favorite thing about Crown College: realization of the impact taking place around the world on a daily basis through students and alumni
  • Favorite Twin Cities spot: Murray’s Steakhouse and anywhere watching the Vikings lose
  • Before working at Crown: I have spent my career in mainly faith-based, non-profit, including a previous 9-year stint at Crown.
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Inder Singh

Phone: 952-446-4347 | Email: singhi@crown.edu

  • Favorite thing about Crown College: The support and tutelage that every student receives in order to be successful.
  • Favorite Twin Cities spot: The Varsity Theater
  • Before working in Admissions: I have spent the past 5 years as the assistant men’s basketball coach at Crown. I have also assisted families & schools in the special education realm.
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Moriah Keller

Phone: 952-446-4346 | Email: kellerm@crown.edu

  • Favorite thing about Crown College: My favorite thing about Crown is how the students, staff, and faculty have become my family.
  • Favorite Twin Cities spot: Any coffee shop! (Favorites include Mocha Monkey and Dunn Brothers)
  • Before working at Crown: I graduated from Crown in May 2017 and started working at Crown in October 2017. In between that time I traveled, spent time with family, worked at my dad’s radio station, and got married!
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Ryan Synoground

Phone: 952-446-4143 | Email: synogroundr@crown.edu

  • Hobbies: I really enjoy superheroes and I am a huge fan of Marvel and DC. I also enjoy football and basketball. I played quarterback for the Crown College football team.
  • Favorite thing about Crown College: The people. Here at Crown College, you are truly a part of something special. Crown is family.
  • Favorite Twin Cities spot: Crown College
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Sarah Brennen

Phone: 952-446-4356 | Email: brennans@crown.edu

  • Fun Fact: I come from a very Irish family and grew up as the only girl in a whole pack of boys. I love being an aunt to my nephew Ethan and look forward to another little one on the way
  • Hobbies: Irish Dancing, Reading, Hiking, Biking, and Traveling
  • Favorite thing about Crown College: The authenticity and the amazing community of believers!

School of Arts and Sciences Admissions Counselor

Nora Xiong

Phone: 952-446-4145 | Email: Xiongn@crown.edu

  • Favorite Twin Cities Spot: Mall of America
  • Hobbies: Playing Sports and traveling
  • Favorite thing about Crown College: I enjoy the close-knit community Crown has to offer.
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