Crown offers the Post-Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) to qualified students who are Minnesota residents. This program permits students to earn college credit, which may be applied to a degree program at Crown or transferred to another institution. Students from South Heights can take classes in a hybrid format in which they meet for 1.5 hours face-to-face with a qualified Course Assistant selected by South Heights and approved by Crown. The rest of the weekly activities for classes are online, led by one of Crown’s online faculty members. This option gives students the opportunity to get support from a familiar homeschool Course Assistant while taking a high quality online course under the guidance of a credentialed faculty member from Crown. The courses have a low student to instructor ratio and are offered in a 15-week format.


All PSEO students are supported by a dedicated PSEO academic advisor. The tuition and books are free for Minnesota students, but South Heights fees will apply. For more information, email the Director of PSEO Emily Cano, or call 952-446-4246.

Fall 2020 South Heights Courses (Aug. 26 – Dec. 18)

The following courses will be offered on-site at South Heights (Berean Baptist Church, Burnsville, MN).  These classes will include 1.5 hours of face-to-face instructional time per week with a Course Assistant along with additional work through Crown’s online platform.

ENG 1510: College Writing and Research
This course emphasizes the fundamentals of effective writing in the context of the elements of rhetoric: writer, audience, and purpose. Students write narrative, informative, and persuasive compositions and a documented research paper.
3 Credits
Michelle Whalen (Course Assistant)

HIS 1510: World Civilizations
This course is an introductory course on selected topics in the history of major world civilizations that have shaped the foundations of mankind; from the earliest records of humankind through approximately 1500 AD. It is designed to familiarize students with the political, social, economical, religious, and intellectual histories of the world.
3 Credits
Mary Mueller (Course Assistant)

IT 106: Introduction to Computer Applications
A “hands on” introduction to common computer software applications (including Microsoft Excel). The skills learned in this course are applicable in other business courses as well as being essential to employment opportunities.
3 Credits

Spring 2021 South Heights Courses (Jan. 13 – May 14)

ENG 1512: Introduction to Literary Analysis
Continued instruction and practice in writing and the writing process are the focal points of this course, with emphasis on critical analysis of literary genres.
3 Credits
Michelle Whalen (Course Assistant)

HIS 2520: Topics in US History
The course will examine political, social, economic, and international dimensions of the history of the United States. It aims to stimulate both an analytical and a moral understanding of critical issues from the nation’s past.
3 Credits
Mary Mueller (Course Assistant)

MAT 130: Mathematics Survey
A mathematics course designed for the liberal arts or general education purposes, including quantitative literacy and mathematical competency. The course consists of problem solving and mathematical modeling. Topics include set theory, operations, percent and decimals, linear equations and their applications, slopes, parallel and perpendicular lines, systems of equations, counting techniques, probability and descriptive statistics.
3 Credits
Laura Bang (Course Assistant)

PED 1515: Health and Wellness for Life
This course focuses on health in various aspects of life including physical, emotional, spiritual, vocational, social and financial health. Students will learn basic principles of health in each of these areas and be encouraged to apply these principles to their own lives.
3 Credits
Natasha Stergion (Course Assistant)


*Information subject to change-CA courses with low enrollment may be cancelled and students will then have the option to take the class fully online.

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