Crown offers the Post-Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO) to qualified students at CHAT. This program permits students to earn college credit for free while still in high school. Students from CHAT can take classes in a hybrid format in which they meet at Grace Church in Eden Prairie, MN for 1.5 hours face-to-face with a qualified Course Assistant selected by CHAT and approved by Crown. The rest of the weekly activities for classes are online and led by one of Crown’s online faculty members. This option gives students the opportunity to get support from a familiar homeschool Course Assistant while taking a high quality online course under the guidance of a credentialed faculty member from Crown. Hybrid courses are limited by location, however Crown does offer all courses completely online as well as on Crown’s campus. The courses have a low student to instructor ratio and are offered in a 15-week format.


All PSEO students are supported by a dedicated PSEO academic advisor. The tuition and books are free for Minnesota students, but CHAT fees will apply. For more information, email the Director of PSEO Emily Cano, or call 952-446-4246.

Fall 2020 CHAT Courses (Aug. 26 – Dec. 18)

The following courses will be offered on-site at CHAT (Grace Church, Eden Prairie, MN).  These classes will include 1.5 hours of face-to-face instructional time per week with a Course Assistant along with additional work through Crown’s online platform.

HIS 1510: World Civilizations
This course is an introductory course on selected topics in the history of major world civilizations that have shaped the foundations of mankind; from the earliest records of humankind through approximately 1500 AD. It is designed to familiarize students with the political, social, economical, religious, and intellectual histories of the world.
3 Credits

MAT 131: College Algebra
This course provides a short review of Algebra II, followed by a concise study of algebraic, polynomial, exponential and logarithmic functions and their graphs.  Linear, quadratic and systems of equations are included, along with their applications.  This course provides a foundation for students wishing to take calculus.
3 Credits

Spring 2021 CHAT Courses (Jan. 13 – May 14)

COM 1515: Public Communication
This course provides the student with an introduction to the theory of the communication process. Topics include analyzing a target audience, organizing material, preparing an effective method of delivery, and developing informative and persuasive speeches. Each student will deliver speeches that are video taped and evaluated.
3 Credits

FAR 1560: Art Appreciation 
An introductory study of art appreciation that examines significant art and artists associated with major art movements with a special emphasis on historic and contemporary art reflecting Christian beliefs. Content and knowledge emerge from the study of the elements and principles of art to acquire a vocabulary and understanding of the meaning and purpose of visual imagery and an overview of the development of art throughout history to the present.
3 Credits

HIS 2520: Topics in US History
The course will examine political, social, economic, and international dimensions of the history of the United States. It aims to stimulate both an analytical and a moral understanding of critical issues from the nation’s past.
3 Credits

*Information subject to change-courses with low enrollment may be cancelled and students will then have the option to take the class fully online.

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