Destination: Serve Trips

Destination: Serve Trips

A transformational distinctive at Crown College

Destination: Serve Trips (DS trips) are a highlight of the year for Crown students. Crown’s international networks deliver opportunities for our students to “go” and learn, experientially, on these short-term missions opportunities. In fact, more than 50% of our graduates will participate in at least one DS trip during their time at Crown.

Opportunities in 2017

Spring Break:

USA: Location to be determined. Envision

May trips:

Spain: Envision

Dominican Republic: Student’s International

Ecuador: Incalink

Haiti: Medical mission with Haiti Nursing Foundation and Nurse Tim, Inc.

June trips:

Indonesia: Envision

Ukraine: Little Lambs Ministry

July trip:

Israel: Academic Trip

Donate to support a Destination: Serve Trip

Donate to Support a Destination: Serve Trip Here!

Apply for a Destination: Serve Trip

To apply for a 2017 Destination: Serve trip

  • Click the button below to open the application form.
  • You may print and fill in the form by hand, or fill as much as you wish using your computer.
  • Follow the instructions in the form.
  • Print the form to complete your application process using paper.

Note – be sure you have access to a printer to print your form.

Destination: Serve 2017 Application

Frequently Asked Questions

What expenses are covered by trip costs?

  • Training and support-raising costs
  • Visa cost (if visa is needed)
  • Mission Agency fees (if applicable)
  • Team Leadership
  • Travel Insurance
  • Housing and meals on-site
  • Ground and Air Travel Costs

For what expenses am I responsible to pay?

  • Passport (including photos and application fees).
  • Immunizations and Vaccinations (if your physician so advises)
  • Spending and offering money, souvenirs, snacks.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

A deposit of $50 is required for all trips. This fee will be used toward trip expenses but non-refundable if you do not end up going on the trip.

What are my support-raising responsibilities?

After your deposit has been paid, you will be responsible for prayerfully sending out at least 25 support letters. Your team is relying on each other to all make equal efforts to do team fundraisers.

Am I required to do support-raising?

Yes. Each student is required to send out support letters and to participate in any team fundraisers your team may plan. We also expect each student to seek financial and prayer support from their sphere of influence (church, family, and friends).

Where can I make donations towards my trip?

Donations can be made directly to the billing office or go online to the main Crown page. Go to About, globally connected, then Destination: Serve trips. Visit the donation page and then click pay as guest. You will be able to designate which person/trip the money is going towards.

How should my donations be submitted?

All checks should be made payable to Crown College. All contributions must be accompanied with a tax deduction form with the student’s name on the card. This includes cash donations. For your protection, you should not have donors give directly to you or make checks payable to you. Your name should not be on the donation checks.

Is there a deadline for support-raising?

Yes, here are the deadlines:

  • Nov. 6th – Acceptance letters and $100 deposit due.
  • January 23rd – 40% of funds raised.
  • February 20th -70% of funds raised (Spring Break trip- 100% due)
  • April 3rd -100% of funds raised

Are my donations refundable?

No.  By law, all gifts and contributions (whether given personally or from churches, family, and friends) are non-refundable.