Study Abroad Programs

Study Abroad Programs

Thousands of Crown College alumni are spread across nearly every time zone in the world and are the ongoing legacies of Crown’s global impact. Global relationships present extraordinary opportunities for students to participate in experiences almost anywhere on the planet and are catalysts for transformative learning and growth. Nearly 50 percent of Crown students participate in at least one Destination: Serve Trip (DS) or serve an off-campus community before graduation. If you have an interest in understanding global outreach and how to integrate your faith in the world, consider one of our off-campus study programs.

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Destination: Serve Trips (with Crown College)

As the professional world grows ever more globalized, Crown students gain valuable skills by learning and working with people from different cultures and with different values all around the world. Through Crown’s Destination: Serve Trips, students experience transformative learning and growth by serving the spiritual and physical needs of men, women, and children in every part of the world.

BestSemester –

Through the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities, students will have the opportunity to raise awareness of Christ-centered higher education and help change lives by relating academics and service to biblical truths. BestSemester offers 12 locations in the United States and abroad for students to experience God in a new way.