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Young people are powerful.

It’s our responsibility to teach the next generation how to carry on tradition as well as innovation; showing them what our generation got right, and how we need to improve. We know that families come in all shapes and sizes, and we want to prepare you to help them in the best way possible. This is how we’re making better communities.


Youth + Family Ministry


During the final year of this program, students dive into a fully-immersive ministry internship that provides on-site field practice in ministry, which prepares them for either continued graduate work or continued ministry in their local church. Until then, students will be guided through the ins and outs of youth and family ministry by knowledgeable professors and mentors.




Why choose Next Gen Ministry studies at Crown?

VIDEO   Dr. Ken Castor provides an overview of the major and its emphasis.


  • Community-focused, Christ-centered curriculum.
  • Graduates are qualified to pursue additional academic degrees at the master’s level.
  • Covers youth and family dynamics while simultaneously providing students with a deeper understanding of the Bible and a Christian worldview.
Zach Castor


The major has given me a lot of valuable insights into how ministry works in the lives of students, especially students who don’t get to have much constructive experience outside of their moments with small groups. It’s given me a new perspective into what ministry means for the youth of God’s kingdom, how churches and para-church ministries construct curriculum around their teachings, and how building a healthy and Jesus-centered environment can lead to multiplication of believers. I can’t wait to jump into the field of youth ministry as a full-time career after college.



Youth + Family Ministry


You’ve got a bright future ahead of you.

Limitless options. Extreme flexibility. Future-proofed career skills. Next Gen Ministry majors have boundless opportunities.



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Barna Partnership

Crown College is excited to announce that we are the first higher education institute to join in an enterprise partnership with the Barna Group.

For more than 35 years, Barna has been the Church’s go-to source for reliable research and insights on faith and culture.

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Senior year semester-long internship

Students dive into a fully-immersive ministry internship that provides on-site field practice in ministry, which prepares them for either continued graduate work or continued ministry in their local church.

What Will I Study?

  • Principles of Biblical Interpretation
  • Internship Practicum
  • Christian Ministry Internship
  • Vocational Seminar
  • Family Ministry
  • Faith Development of Youth
  • Contemporary Issues in Youth Culture
  • Curriculum Design for Discipleship
  • Engaging Cultures in a Post-Postmodern World
  • Principles of Ministry Leadership
  • General Psychology
  • Alliance Ministries
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Mentoring Opportunities

Learning in the classroom is one of the core ways that you can grow as a person. However, we believe classrooms can only go so far. That is why each student has the opportunity to connect with a faculty or staff member to talk about class, life, and Jesus. Because learning is more than just knowledge, it is experiencing life-changing relationships.

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