Tom McCracken, D.Ed.

Assistant Professor of Teacher Education, Director of Disability Services

Department: Education

What are the main classes you teach at Crown?

Assessment for Learning, Multicultural and Diverse Learners, Parent/Child Relations, Reading Fundamentals

Degrees & Institutions you received them from:

  • Bachelor of Science (Pennsylvania State University)
  • Masters of Education and Education Specialist (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)
  • D.Ed. in Educational and School Psychology (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)

Before Crown, what did you do?

School Psychologist, Special Education Coordinator, Minister

Your Testimony?

Saved during Bible School when I was in 1st grade. Still moving ahead.

Favorite Bible verse and why?

Psalm 139. Shows the depth of love and watch care the Lord has over us in all situations we may face in life.

Hobbies, Interests, Affiliations?

Fishing, hunting and my family.

What do you enjoy most about teaching at Crown?

The opportunity to integrate my faith into my teaching. Also, the students commitment to the Lord, each other, and the Crown community.

What differentiates your program from similar offerings at other colleges?

I am attempting to raise up professional students who integrate their Christian beliefs and principles into their careers.

How do you define “Academic Excellence?”

Always moving above and beyond in your education. This requires an understanding of how theory and practice meet. Academic excellence will be measured in the application of your knowledge in impacting the world starting at your back door.

From a career standpoint, what will students be prepared to do with a degree from your program?

Fulfill their calling and dream to impact others through teaching.

What would you say to parents of prospective students about having their son/daughter at Crown?

I feel confident enough in the college, the student body, and the professors that this is where my own children will go when they are old enough to attend college.