Thor Benson

Assistant Professor of Teacher Education

Department: Teacher Education

What are the main classes you teach at Crown?

  • Media & Technology;
  • Introduction to Physical Science;
  • Middle School Science Methods;
  • Kinesiology;
  • Motor Learning;
  • Physical Education Methods

Degrees & Institutions you received them from:

  • BS in Kinesiology (Wheaton College);
  • MA in Educational Leadership (Bethel University);
  • Ph.D. in Curriculum & Instruction: Science Education (University of Minnesota)

Before Crown, what did you do?

Taught middle school science & physical education, worked as the assistant to the head of school, and as the athletic director at a local private Christian school, coached varsity lacrosse at Eden Prairie High School (5 years); coached lacrosse at Wheaton College (2 years)

Your Testimony?

I grew up in a loving Christian home in New Jersey & accepted the Lord at an early age. Christ’s grace, mercy and sovereignty became profoundly new to me while at Wheaton College under the leadership of Godly men and women—mentors, professors, and pastors. As a result, my passion for local ministry and Christ-centeredness in my life became evident. It is my hope and prayer that I continue to pursue that authentic relationship with Christ everyday, sharing a blessed perspective with everyone I meet.

Favorite Bible verse and why?

Ephesians 3:16-19—because of the promise it holds for each day—allthewhile reminding us of God’s power and intentionality.

Hobbies, Interests, Affiliations?

Cycling, windsurfing, tennis, photography

What do you enjoy most about teaching at Crown?

The integration of faith and learning that transforms the classroom experience.

What differentiates your program from similar offerings at other colleges?

Class size & intimate relationships that develop between students & students and professors as a result of being together in a cohort model.

How do you define “Academic Excellence?”

Pursuing your best work with a full dependence on Christ for wisdom and strength.

What would your students say about taking your classes?

My love for my students and subject matter is evident in my teaching.

From a career standpoint, what will students be prepared to do with a degree from your program?

Reach and teach the next generation of students in the schools.

What would you say to parents of prospective students about having their son/daughter at Crown?

The Christ-centered environment allows for a transformational experience & opportunity to integrate faith and learning.