Bill Kuhn, Ed.D.

Campus Chaplain

Departments: Student Development, Christian Ministry

What are the main classes you teach at Crown?

Varieties of Biblical Preaching, Speech, Christian Education

Degrees & Institutions you received them from:

MA in Ministerial Education from Indiana Wesleyan Universities

EdD in Organizational Leadership from St. Mary’s University of MN.

Published works or other accolades?

Speaker at various conferences: HAMS Conference speaker (Home Assignment Ministries Seminar for furloughed international workers), national ACSD workshop, Minnesota Church Ministries Association events, youth camps, men’s retreats


Before Crown, what did you do?

14 years as a local church pastor in the C&MA

Your Testimony?

Became a Christian in high school when an elementary school teacher spoke to me about Christ.

Favorite Bible verse and why?

Phil. 1:21... For to me, to live is Christ; to die is gain. I appreciate the Christ-saturated focus of Paul’s life.

Hobbies, Interests, Affiliations?

I like to spend my best time with my family. When time allows, I’m a guitar aficionado... playing, listening, & collecting guitars.

What do you enjoy most about teaching at Crown?

I enjoy the interaction with students and participating in God’s work in their life.

What would you say to parents of prospective students about having their son/daughter at Crown?

Crown provides a wonderful community that supports the student’s exploration of life and faith in God. A student attending Crown can expect a Christ-centered faculty/staff. The networks of care and services for a student at Crown gives them a great opportunity to succeed and flourish both spiritually and academically.