Bachelor of Arts

General Studies

Take a multidisciplinary approach to the arts, mathematics, biological and physical science, Bible and more. The General Studies degree program in Minnesota is great because it allows students to gain a broad base of knowledge that leads to open-ended opportunities. Learn to think critically, communicate effectively, and study what you want to study, so you can be better prepared and more successful in a wide range of careers.

Why choose general studies at Crown?


With a General Studies degree major in Minnesota, students gain a broad knowledge base, improve their written and communication skills, develop critical thinking and practical problem-solving abilities, and integrate their Christian faith with their academic studies. The major is particularly helpful for transfer students who wish to maximize credit for coursework from other accredited institutions or for new students who have interests in a wide range of majors.


  • Develop general skills that prepare you for a variety of jobs in the workplace


  • Discover about yourself in a whole new way that will help guide your future


  • Experience biblical integration that provides a deeper understanding of the Bible and a Christian worldview


Future General Studies Major

You’ve got a bright future ahead of you.

Limitless options. Extreme flexibility. Future-proofed career skills. As a college graduate, opportunities abound.


Annual Median Earnings compared to high school graduates. [source]


Elective Credits on Average


Week modules that allow for greater flexibility


Credits in Christian studies


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You may pair any minor with any major. Here are some minors that may pair well with this major:

1Select social science electives from ANT, CSJ, ECO, ESL, GEO, HIS, POL, PSY, or SOC. Select no more than one course from each area.

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Learning in the classroom is one of the core ways that you can grow as a person. However, we believe classrooms can only go so far. That is why each student has the opportunity to connect with a faculty or staff member to talk about class, life, and Jesus. Because learning is more than just knowledge, it is experiencing life-changing relationships.

What Will I Study?

  • English Composition
  • Writing and Literature
  • World Civilizations to 1500
  • World Civilizations since 1500
  • The Gospel in Human Contexts
  • Spiritual and Leadership Development
  • Senior Interdisciplinary Seminar
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