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Why Humanities at Crown College?

The Humanities and Social Sciences Department graduates young men and women whose foundation in liberal arts and sciences, integrated with a Christian worldview, makes them excellent candidates for immediate employment, ministry, or graduate school. Students pursuing a Christian Humanities degree program on our Minnesota campus will acquire a global awareness of their selected area of study that builds the critical thinking and communication skills greatly valued by forward-thinking employers. The academically rigorous program combines faith and learning so students acquire the knowledge, skills and ethics necessary for Christian leadership and professional success.

The department has intentionally expanded its emphasis on global themes and awareness and now offers two new international studies degrees. As 23 percent of undergraduate students come from diverse cultures other than European-Americans, these new B.A. programs provide all students with opportunities to share differences and similarities in perspective and to speak of their experiences at home and abroad. In the Humanities and Social Sciences Department, students and faculty mentors work together cross-culturally, infusing learning with a love of Christ.

While there are many humanities degree programs in Minnesota, our unique program provides humanities and social sciences majors with a biblical foundation from which to think critically and act with sound ethics. The Christian studies core goes beyond basic Bible literacy. Classes on Romans, apologetics and ethics go deep, so students develop the ability to apply Scripture to their various concentrations of study within the humanities and social sciences.

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Psychology, B.A.

A deeper understanding of the mind

Psychology, B.A.
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General B.A.

Open doors for your future

General Studies, B.A.
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Communication skills are vital for professional contexts and personal relationships. I have the privilege of preparing students so they understand and can apply effective communication skills in a variety of contexts and relationships. Students say I am passionate about what I teach, that I want to invest in them both personally and professionally, and that while I have high expectations for my students, those expectations are clearly articulated.


Dr. Kellie Corti

Humanities Chair

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