Honors Courses

Below is a list and description of the new Honors Program curriculum.

Critical Thinking and Writing (ENG 153H)

Foundations for the critical analysis of differing theories of knowledge will be examined.  The process of argument analysis will be introduced and practiced.  Students will be encouraged to think more in terms of identifying and generating questions than in absorbing facts, and they will learn to identify conclusions and reasons given in support of those conclusions.  Responses to various readings will be used as a way of practicing the skills students are developing.  The semester project will be a documented research paper on a major thinker or writer.  May substitute for ENG 131 or a Humanities elective.

Introduction to Literature/Christian Literary Classics

(ENG 154H)

An evaluation of the Christian's literary heritage.  This seminar course focuses on the ways that Christian writers have used literature to express their faith.  Class discussion will center on a critical analysis of the text, the authors' use of various literary techniques in expressing their worldview, and the structure of specific arguments to answer cultural concerns.  May substitute for ENG 132 or a Humanities elective.

Honors Contract Courses in Student's Major

Students will choose three courses within their major to complete research projects that both fulfill the requirements of the Honors program and the requirements of the course. Students will work closely with the professor and the Honors Program director to design and complete each research projecteeet with director once a semester for academic advisingt the Crown Scholars'ojectssor to design and complete the project. Stude. Students are required to present at least two of their research projects at the annual Crown Scholars? Symposium.

History of Modern Western Thought (353H)

An analysis of the ebb and flow of modern thought since 1800.  Class lectures, reading, and discussions will focus around the seminal thinkers and their contribution to the current fragmentation in Western thinking.  The semester project will be a written report on the thought of a major Western thinker.  May substitute for a History, Humanities, or Social Science elective.

Honors Christian Ethics Component (THE 354H)

An examination of the process of making moral decisions.  Students apply Biblical principles to issues in personal conduct, as well as social problems such as euthanasia, abortion, and poverty.  Students will also be encouraged to address ethical issues related to their major.  The Honors component will be added to the regular Christian Ethics course.

Twentieth Century Christian Thinkers (454H)

Study of the thought of leading Christian thinkers in the twentieth century will be presented in a seminar format.  Through a reading of individual works, students will investigate each author's specific answers to cultural objections to Christianity.  May substitute for a Bible, English, Humanities, or Social Science elective.

Senior Capstone Presentation

A formal presentation or lecture that highlights what has been learned through the Honors Program particularly in contract courses. The senior will work closely with the director in preparing for the presentation. All Honors students will be required to attend. Detailed requirements for this presentation will be determined by the Honors Program director and faculty committee.

Additional Honors Program Requirements:

  • Attend the annual Crown Scholars? Symposium in the spring semester
  • Present at least two contract course research projects at the Crown Scholars? Symposium
  • Attend at least two Honors events each semester
  • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.5
  • Meet with director once a semester for academic advising