Nickolaus Swedlund

Nickolaus Swedlund, M.F.A.

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Assistant Professor of Communications & Director of Video Production
Department:  Humanities & Social Sciences

Bachelor of Arts: Communication in 2005 from Biola University, in La Mirada, California.
Master of Fine Arts: Film Directing in 2008 from the American Film Institute Conservatory in Hollywood, California

Classes Taught:
Media Foundations, Video Short Form, Advanced Media Production, Screenwriting, and Media & Culture

How Your Program Is Unique Here:
The close knit community is the most beneficial aspect of Crown College. Here we rely on each other and build relationships through our work. Video students work on “real life” projects including videos found on this new website..

Grew up in a Christian home. Accepted Christ at a young age and grew stronger in my faith throughout and despite the trials and tribulations of high school. My faith became my own while leading and counseling my peers at Camp Nathanael, a Christian summer camp for boys located in Hinckley, Minnesota. During my time at Biola University and in graduate school at AFI, my faith was tested and held true.  Christ is my rock, because without him, everything is meaningless (Eccl. 1:1-11).

Favorite Bible Verse and Why:
Ecclesiastes 1:1-11
Because without God, everything is meaningless.

Before Crown:
I worked as a freelance video producer in Minneapolis, working with various churches attempting to help them understand how high quality video production can elevate their communication. I have moved on to work with actual professionals in the Twin Cities, writing and producing local television commercials for their companies

What You Enjoy Most About Teaching at Crown:
The freedom to develop relationships with my colleagues and students outside of the classroom. Crown truly has a community like none other.

How You Define “Academic Excellence”:
Never accepting “good enough” as a student doing work, or as an instructor grading work. Christian higher education must be held to a high standard, a professional standard. Good enough doesn’t cut it.

What Students Say About Your Classes:
Be prepared to DO. I learn best by doing work, not by sitting and “listening” to someone lecture day in and day out. There is a time and place for lecture of course, but in my classroom we are hands on from day one. I want my students to leave knowing a skill as well as head knowledge.

What You Would Say to Parents of Prospective Students About Having Their Son/Daughter at Crown:
They will grow in their faith and develop lifelong friendships while earning their degree. I could not think of a better Christ-centered school in the Twin Cities that is this focused on a student’s spiritual wellbeing and maturity.

Published Works or Other Accolades:
All The Time In The World is a feature film that was produced here at Crown College over the 2014-2015 academic year. I wrote and directed the film and we will begin film festival submissions during the summer of 2015. The trailer for the film: