Kevin Boozikee

Kevin Boozikee

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Assistant Professor
Department: English

Bachelors of Science: Concordia University-Nebraska
Masters of Science: English Education

Classes Taught:
General education humanities courses: composition, writing and literature, speech

How Your Program Is Unique Here:
We view all literature through a Christian perspective.  This worldview illuminates the text in a different light than even perhaps it was intentionally written, but as Christians we cannot view a text with any other lens.

I have been a baptized Christian since infancy.  Raised in a Christian home, I attended a Christian day school and college, and have spent all but one year serving in parochial schools.

Favorite Bible Verse and Why:
Philippians 1:9-11.  I include this in every syllabi to remind my students that while they are acquiring knowledge I am hoping they are also growing in their judgment.

Before Crown:
High School Teacher and Coach.

What You Enjoy Most About Teaching at Crown:
I enjoy teaching students who come from a myriad of geographical locations, cultures, and backgrounds, yet each are unified in their desire to learn and growth in their relationship with Christ.

How You Define “Academic Excellence”:
Academic excellence is a campus culture where professors and students work collaboratively to build relationship, promote learning, explore relevant curriculum, and exceed expectations.

What Students Say About Your Classes:
I hope they say that they are daily questioned, challenged, and prepared all the while enjoying the experience.

From A Career Standpoint, What Students Will Be Prepared To Do With A Degree From Your Program:
In my areas I hope they are more comfortable speaking in public forums, own a stronger command of their communication, and enjoy analyzing a text.

What You Would Say to Parents of Prospective Students About Having Their Son/Daughter at Crown:
My daughter is a transfer to Crown and she is thrilled to return to a campus which professes Christ and His work of salvation!