Aeisha Thomas

Aeisha Thomas, PH.D.

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Associate Professor of Biology/Life Science
Department:  Mathematics & Science

Bachelor of Arts in Biology, Harvard University
Master of Arts in Biology, Harvard University
Doctor of Philosophy in Biological Sciences in Public Health, Harvard University

Classes Taught:
Introductory Biology; Cell/Molecular Biology; Biochemistry; Human Anatomy and Physiology

How Your Program Is Unique Here:
I think students will definitely get individual attention. We are able to get to know students and thus encourage them and support them in their specific interests. We also are able to expose and challenge them with new things as they develop into biologists.

From A Career Standpoint, What Students Will Be Prepared To Do With A Degree From Your Program:
They are getting a degree in biology and thus science-related jobs, graduate programs in biology and/or graduate programs in health-related fields.

I became a Christian as a young girl and continue to try to follow the Lord as an adult.

Favorite Bible Verses and Why:

  • Isaiah 30:15. The verse has been a source of encouragement for many years. I especially remember it being so when I was leaving home to go off to college.
  • Psalm 139:8. This has been a constant reminder that the Lord will fulfill His purpose for me. I have held on to this one since I never quite figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up.
  • Philippians 2:12-13. It reminds me that although I have a responsibility to live for the Lord, He enables me to do it.

Before Crown:
I taught for a year as a visiting assistant professor right after graduate school. Then, I returned to the lab and did post-doctoral research on sickle cell disease and realized I really missed students. I returned to the classroom as a visiting assistant professor for a second time for a year and then came to Crown.

What You Enjoy Most About Teaching at Crown:
The students’ desire for God and to please Him is probably the most pleasing aspect. They are really concerned about following Him. I look forward to seeing how the Lord will work His purpose out in their lives.

How You Define “Academic Excellence”:
I think of academic excellence more from the perspective of being the best that you can be in academics. So I am impressed when a student works consistently, figures out how to handle challenges, gains a level of depth that ends in the recognition of the limits to understanding, asks their own questions and seeks answers; just generally strives for excellence. This may not be directly relevant, but I think that someone who is academically excellent has a desire to learn for the sake of learning and has become a life-long learner.

What Students Say About Your Classes:
I think most of them think my classes are hard, but I prefer challenging.

Published Works:

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