Center for Professional Studies

Center for Professional Studies

Continuous Learning and Professional Development

The Center for Professional Studies provides high-quality learning opportunities for those who seek ongoing education to facilitate their own professional advancement, credentialing or personal learning.  The Center delivers its courses and training programs through online, on-site and hybrid formats.  Depending upon the program, students may earn continuous education credits, certificates, or even academic credit upon completion.

Certificate Programs

Earn a certificate of completion or even an undergraduate/graduate certificate that includes transferrable academic credit.  Learn more about undergraduate certificates or graduate certificates.


Emergency Medical Training Institute provides first responder training and certificate programs.  Visit page >>


The Ministerial Studies Transfer Program is designed for individuals who wish to leverage MSP credits into an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree.  Visit page >>


Massive Open Online Courses are free courses offered 100% online on a variety of topics.  Visit page >>

Omaha Free Class Series

If you’re in the Omaha area, check out this free class designed to explore the cultural practices, beliefs, geography, and chronology of the 12 biblical cultures from Genesis to Revelation.