Pastoral Leadership

In order to best prepare students to take on the rewarding ministry of pastoral leadership, this program is structured for students to customize their studies with numerous elective options. As a students, you will also have internship opportunities to gain practical real-world ministry experience through the Pastoral Leadership degree program. You will also have the option of pursuing a concentration in Greek to get ahead of the game for graduate or seminary work.

Why choose Pastoral Leadership studies at Crown?


  • Gain valuable hands-on experience.


  • Explore and develop your understanding of the Bible and the Church.


  • Immerse yourself in Christian education, developing powerful relationships with ministry experts.
student washing student feet a pastoral leadership class

Leading is serving.

For individuals who sense a calling to serve in the church, this program is designed to prepare students for the multi-faceted role of leading and building a strong church. We need people now more than ever who will lead our brothers and sisters with patience and confidence, and who will show grace and love to all. This is how the church will be united.

michael xiong of pastoral leadership


The Pastoral Leadership program at Crown has helped me to value and love the church — both the structure and the people in it. It has provided a solid foundation in which I can understand the church theologically, and how I can serve the church practically and personally. If you’re seeking to become a pastor, this program will develop and sharpen your gifts and convictions, and equip you to lead and shepherd a church faithfully.


Michael Xiong

Pastoral Leadership Major



You’ve got a bright future ahead of you.

Prepare yourself to serve in a full-time ministry capacity. Whether a church setting, parachurch, or non-profit, you will gain the skills to lead other towards Christ.


Saved in accelerated Master’s program


Available elective credits


Alliance Churches in the US

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You may pair any minor with any major. Here are some minors that may pair well with this major:

1The Core Curriculum requirements of ENG 131 – English Composition and ENG 132 – Writing and Literature cannot fulfill an English elective.

1Select social science electives from ANT, CSJ, ECO, ESL, GEO, HIS, POL, PSY, or SOC. Select no more than one course from each area.

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two students baptizing a student a pastoral leadership class


Senior year semester-long internship

Students dive into a fully-immersive ministry internship that provides on-site field practice in ministry, which prepares them for either continued graduate work or continued ministry in their local church.

What Will I Study?

  • Principles of Biblical Interpretation
  • Galatians
  • Foundations of Discipleship Ministries
  • Philosophy of Ministry
  • Christian Ministry Internship
  • Vocational Seminar
  • Developing Multi-Year Discipleship
  • Church History
  • Greek
  • Expository Preaching
  • Variety in Biblical Preaching
  • Pastoral Theory and Practice
  • Principles of Ministry Leadership
  • Theology II: Human Redemption and Destiny
  • Alliance Ministries
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