Crown student conquers the mighty a kayak

Gene Iserman raises funds for needy children in the kayaking down 2300 mile Mississippi River.

What began as a dream and turned into a passion for at least one Crown College student, is now turning into reality. But Gene Iserman and his effort, called Faith in Action, needs our help!

Gene and fellow Crown student, Austin Petersen (both shown above), began paddling in the headwaters of the Mississippi in early June. Why? To raise funds in support of  Feed My Starving Children and Life Outreach International.

According to Gene, "Not only do these organizations provide places like Africa, Haiti, and South America with the basic essentials of life, they also spread the saving message of Jesus Christ. Our 'life is but a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes' James 4:14. Although we push to meet the physical need of these people, it is also important that we meet their spititual need as well."

Paddling into the Twin Cities, Austin had to leave the expedition. Replaced by Gene's friend, Cedric Speltz, the two young men continued their life-changing journey down the river...paddling as many as 70 miles a day.

By Day 43, Gene had paddled to New Orleans. Exhausted, victorious, thankful and ready for the next adventure...though maybe after a few days of rest. 

Read about the trip on his Faith in Action blog and help Gene meet his fundraising goal by clicking here.


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