5 Ways the New Crown College Mobile App Helps Incoming Students

Technology is a tool that can help us stay more connected, find new information, and keep tabs on events. One of the key benefits is to cut through any chaos, confusion, and clutter.

Starting this month Crown College is launching a brand new mobile app, intended to assist current students, incoming students, and campus visitors.

Students can quickly access their class schedules, search for books in the library, direct message staff and faculty, watch a livestream of sporting events, and much more. There’s a “campus wall” that students can use to post about lost and found items, ask about rideshares, and post news.

A calendar function means students can keep tabs on their personal schedule. They can check in for chapel and other campus events, even providing feedback for the events they attend.

Designed by Ready Education, the new app is already live and available. Students can click this link to download and install the app on their mobile devices.

To introduce the app, here are a few tips for how the Crown mobile app helps students.

1. Streamline your entire day

Students will love how the app reduces the complexity of the daily routine. With just a few taps, anyone can find out what is happening that day and that week.

“After testing the app I found that it streamlines my student experience,” says Stephen Thiessen, a senior Communication major. “All of the events, clubs, and information I need to know about are in one location. Being the busy student I am, the ability to ‘subscribe’ to certain events or clubs is invaluable in de-cluttering the information I have to take in.”

2. Instant access to the latest news

The Crown mobile app will include news and information for that week, including the important events happening on campus, located in St. Bonifacius, Minn.

“Students expect information and communication to be immediate, and the mobile device is the preferred instrument for access to the world,” says Dr. Bill Kuhn, the Vice President of Student Development and Campus Chaplain. “We are always seeking ways to better connect with students and to connect students with one another.”

3. A new way to discover campus activities in the spur of the moment

The app is designed for instant access, so students will be able to swipe and browse to discover what is happening in the moment, like attending an event or connecting with faculty and staff.

“Students will use the Crown mobile app as a way to invite others to activities and events that happen sporadically and last minute,” says Martha Swift, the Director of Student Engagement. “It will be a great way for our students to connect by knowing what is happening on campus.”

4. An aid in spiritual formation

The mission of Crown is centered on helping students grow in their faith and in their knowledge of Jesus Christ. The new mobile app provides a way for students to engage with each other, which helps create mentoring opportunities and better spiritual connections.

“Part of being present in the lives of students these days is to have a virtual presence via social media, and we are doing all we can to engage students in the life transforming message of Jesus,” says Dr. Kuhn.

5. Integration with class assignments

A powerful feature has to do with connecting to the student on-campus portal, called Canvas. With this integration, students can see their class schedules and academic progress.

“One thing that will be coming yet this spring or next fall for our students is that their class assignments will integrate in from Canvas,” says Swift. “When they open the app, they will see upcoming assignment deadlines and it will automatically put them into their calendar for them. We are very excited to be working with our partner Ready Education, a leader in app design for higher education institutions, to develop this capability.”

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