5 Things You Need to Know About On-Campus Living

By Dan Johnson

Living on campus can help students gain independence, develop networking skills, and encourage involvement in the college community. Here are five reasons why you should consider moving into student housing.

1. Community

The most important factor to consider when moving to a new living space — well, besides how close you will live to the nearest coffee shop — is the community around campus. College is where many make lifelong memories. When students immerse themselves in the community around their schools, studies show that they will flourish in their career paths. Whether it’s a shared love for the college teams, a mutual interest in little-known historical facts, or the need to bond over a classic board game, the community on campus is irreplaceable.

2. Convenient access to knowledge

If you love to learn, you’ll definitely want to live on campus. Between on-campus libraries, visiting a professor, and joining a study group, living on campus means easy access to educational resources. Having trouble with a pesky math assignment? Just check your professor’s office hours or find a group of fellow students and study together. Need one more source for a paper? Simply run over to the college library. Having knowledge at your fingertips is one of the best things about on-campus living.

3. Get to classes on time

Living on campus makes it easier for you to attend class. The last thing anyone wants is to fail a class by being absent. Some professors have very strict attendance policies, and being late could take away a significant percentage of your grade. Showing up on time isn’t always easy for commuters. A small traffic jam or severe weather conditions could make you late for class.

4. Networking

Spending time with your professors is one of the best ways to gain insight, inspiration, and knowledge for your future career path. They have mountains of information to offer if you just ask. One of the best ways to get to know your professors is to be on campus with them. Forming friendships with people who are familiar with your career ambitions will come in handy down the road. Getting to know some of your professors well is a great way to add a few references to your resume, too. If you study hard, you could even receive recommendations for future job openings or internships.

5. Living on-campus is a small step toward living on your own

If you’re still living with your parents and hope to have a place of your own someday, living on a college campus is the perfect next step for you. Fully independent, you’ll have a lot of the same responsibilities and freedoms you would have if you were living on your own. You’ll also have the advantage of a Resident Assistant and other resources ready to guide you in your transition into adulthood.

There are many advantages to on-campus living. From engaging in awesome communities to learning both inside and outside of the classroom, living on campus is an unforgettable experience.

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