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  • At Crown College, we believe Jesus first and Jesus Only. We are unashamed of our Christian heritage and are excited about how our students will go out to impact the world.

    We are part of the Christian & Missionary Alliance denomination. You can learn more about our theology here.

  • We are interested in making sure a private Christian education is an option for everyone.



       $37,180 Tuition, college fee, room and board for the 2020-2021 academic year
    – $21,500 The average financial aid award (includes scholarships, grants, and loans)
       $15,680 Average net cost of tuition, college fee, room and board for aid recipients


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  • We are always trying new things, from being one of the first Christian colleges to start an online school to the Crown Experience. We know that the world is always changing and it is our goal to stay ahead of the curve, bringing you a powerful, relevant, college journey.

  • We consider this our largest strength. At Crown, you will Be Known. Period.

    From our faculty to your fellow classmates you will be known. Not a number. Not just a student. You are you.

  • Our courses are built with the future in mind, with internships and practicum experiences built into the programs. We don’t want you to just get a degree, we want you to grow.

    We want to leave you Fully Equipped to take on the world.

Your time at Crown College is full of new encounters. You will have the opportunity to Go Deeper into your academics, your faith, and your friendships. 
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A quality, Christ-centered education can prepare you for a career that makes a real difference in the world.

Every major we have is built on the foundation of Jesus. Integrate your faith with your passion.

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Daniel K Stairs


I’m from the Congo, but I was in Chicago before coming to Minnesota.

The culture is different, like really different — here, everybody smiles at you, and they want to talk to you and know more about you.

I kind of like it!


Daniel Kadima



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We look at the arena of athletic competition as a tool for the development of tomorrow’s leaders.  Athletics has the unique ability to put student-athletes in situations where they must learn to handle adversity, overcome challenges, compete with class, and work with teammates.


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