2013-14 Tuition increase of 1.5% is lowest in several years

2013-14 Tuition increase of 1.5% is lowest in several years

Housing and Meal Plan costs remain unchanged

Given the on-going challenges of today’s economy, Crown College has taken a bold step in holding its 2013-14 tuition increase to 1.5 percent. By offering its Meal Plan and Housing program at the same cost as this past year, the total increase is just over 1 percent. The average tuition increase for private colleges in Minnesota last year ranged between 3.9 – over 7 percent.

For the 2013-14 academic year, Crown’s tuition, room, and board will cost $29,910. In holding their tuition increase to only $330, Crown remains one of the only private colleges in Minnesota with costs remaining under $30,000.

While a college degree, especially at a private Christian college, is an investment, it is a great investment. According to the U.S. Census Bureau (table F-18), the average family household income of those receiving a Bachelor’s degree is $111,847, compared to $70,269 for those who have some college but no degree.

A degree from Crown College prepares students to serve and influence the world by knowing how to genuinely integrate their Christian faith into a variety of professions including Nursing, Business, Communications, Education, Ministry, Music, the Humanities and much more.

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