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Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice - A Christ-Centered Degree

Online Criminal Justice Degree (Safety Studies), B.S.

A high-demand degree with tremendous job potential, Crown’s accredited online B.S. in Criminal Justice offers students a unique educational opportunity with real-world implications: to investigate diverse social, political, legal and ethical concerns embedded in complex criminal justice issues from a Christian perspective.

Our Christ-centered curriculum offers a broad overview of this growing field with multiple entry points into a career or specific advanced training. Freshman and transfer students are invited to prepare themselves for a rewarding career in juvenile justice, security, probation, corrections, youth work or the courts. For those currently working in criminal justice without a college education, Crown’s B.S. degree brings you the professional recognition and advancement you deserve.

Only at Crown can students also complement the Christ-centered online degree in Criminal Justice with studies in the Christian-focused online Disaster and Emergency Management program. This singular pairing reflects actual situations and opportunities with real-world applications. The complementary programs also offer students even greater options for personal and professional growth. Tuition is priced competitively lower than at similar accredited institutions. In fact, 98% of Crown’s enrollees received student loans, scholarships and/or financial aid.

Through our Christian studies requirements, students develop a deep understanding of the criminal justice system’s practices, theories and procedures from a profound perspective of equity and legality. Students also investigate the nature and causes of crime, while learning how faith, strong families, stable communities, effective schools, and reductions in violence and poverty all contribute to crime prevention. Though this program will provide students with the skills needed for various exciting careers in Criminal Justice, it will not prepare them for police work.

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"Our B.S. degree in Criminal Justice, especially when joined with the Disaster and Emergency Management program, gives students a professional understanding of justice, ethics and restitution from a faith-based perspective, with real-world applications."

- Darin Mather, PhD ABD, Program Chair, Social Studies

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