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Online Global Leadership Master’s Degree

Global Leadership, M.A.

Crown’s expertise in preparing global leaders with a multi-cultural foundation in Christian principles is unparalleled. The faith-focused, online Master’s in Global Leadership degree exemplifies Crown’s commitment to preparing students for effective cross-cultural ministry through graduate education founded on strong Christian principles.

Faculty from around the world with the highest academic degrees, and significant ministry and mission experience, lead the courses in the online program. Cross-cultural learning and collaborations within Crown’s dynamic online environment equip students with the faith-based leadership skills critical to professional success. Coursework includes organizational communication and research, strategic planning, international team building and theoretical and spiritual foundations of leadership.

Tracks for specialization set Crown’s online, Christ-based Global Leadership M.A. apart from other graduate programs. Students select a concentration that provides them with focused training and curriculum in specific leadership areas like Church Development, Community Development, Disaster Management or International Education.

Students graduate ready to step into global leadership positions with community organizations, mission agencies, church groups, ministries and other nonprofits in the U.S. and around the world.

Crown’s easy-to-use online learning environment allows students to have the freedom and flexibility to complete coursework at their convenience.  Tuition is priced competitively lower than similar accredited institutions. In fact, 98 percent of those enrolled at Crown receive student loans, scholarships or financial aid for graduate students.

Career Outcomes

Crown graduates earning their online Master’s degree in Global Leadership are currently excelling in global leadership, for God’s glory. They are prepared to be employed in these types of settings:

  • Church and international ministry organizations
  • Nonprofits
  • Disaster response
  • Social science research
  • International education
  • Community development


The Global Leadership M.A. has four different Concentrations to choose from:

Global Leadership, International Christian Education Concentration (M.A.)
Global Leadership, Church Development Concentration (M.A.)
Global Leadership, Community Development Concentration (M.A.)
Global Leadership, Disaster Management (M.A.)

School of Online Studies & Graduate School Tuition and Fees

 Tuition (per credit)2014-15 Tuition
Graduate, except MBA Program$460
MBA Program$495
Other Fees
Application Fees$20.00
Technology Fee$100 per semester
 Tuition (per credit)2015-16 Tuition
Graduate, except MBA Program$480
MBA Program$495
Other Fees
Application Fees$20.00
Technology Fee$100 per semester