Associate of Arts (A.A.)

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Associate of Arts (A.A.)

The two-year associate of arts degree offers a broad introduction to the humanities and social sciences.  Taught from a distinctly Christian perspective, the program is designed to provide a biblical worldview leading students to think critically and act with sound ethics.  Graduates of the program will earn an Associate of Arts degree as well as a sound foundation for further academic studies.

At their heart, the humanities are about different ways of seeing. Taking classes in history, literature, psychology, communications, and criminal justice gives students new ways of looking at the world. And learning these different ways of seeing will change you — broadening your horizons and helping you become more effective as a citizen of the Kingdom and of the world.

The skills and methodologies students learn in their humanities and social-science classes can be parlayed into a variety of jobs; however, many students who earn an undergraduate degree often go on to establish careers outside their undergraduate majors–and we see that as a major selling-point of a humanities degree. Classes in our program prepare students for a wide variety of futures, and we hope that value goes well beyond just academic preparation. The humanities and social sciences are where students learn what it means to be human, and how they can use that knowledge to serve God and humanity alike.

Curriculum in the Associate of Arts degree includes core courses required in four-year bachelor degrees offered at Crown. With help from their adviser, students choose from a broad range of electives according to their specific educational interests.

Associate of Arts (A.A.) Courses

Program Requirements

II. General Education - 39 Credits

III. Electives - 9 Credits

  • General Electives 9 Credits

Total - 63 Credits

1 Select humanities electives from COM, ENG, ESL, FAR, HIS, HUM, LAN, MUS, PHI, or PRC.

2 Select social science electives from ANT, CSJ, ECO, ESL, GEO, HIS, POL, PSY, or SOC.

3Click here  for a list of Global Awareness courses.

4 Fine arts courses include music, art, drama, and dance. COM 328  and COM 446  also qualify as fine arts electives. (Only three credits of music organizations and/or lessons can be counted toward humanities/fine arts requirements.)

* Some Christian Studies Core or Major Core classes may be used to fulfill requirements for the General Education Core. If this is done, it may be necessary to take more elective courses to ensure a total of 63 credits is earned. By doing that, the number of electives needed would increase so that the minimum of 63 credits is reached.

First Year

Fall Semester - 16 Credits

Spring Semester - 16 Credits

Second Year

Fall Semester - 16 Credits

  • SCI - Lab Science Elective 4 Credits
  • THE 231 - Christian Doctrine 3 Credits
  • Fine Arts Elective 3 Credits
  • Social Science Elective 3 Credits 2
  • Global Awareness Elective 3 Credits 3

Spring Semester - 15 Credits

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