Communication Arts Major

Communication Arts Degree

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Undergraduate Offerings

Communication Arts Minors

  • Advertising/Graphic Design
  • Communication
  • Digital Arts
  • Drama


Johnny L. Grainger

Andrew Harris

This program is designed to prepare students who anticipate a career in written, verbal, relational, or media communication. Students work with an academic advisor to select a concentration and communication electives that will help them to achieve their vocational goals. The completion of the core in Christian studies will enable students to think critically about the application of biblical principles to the field of communication.

Why Choose a Communication Arts Degree?

You will be joining with other students and teachers who are intent on growing in an academic community that is serious about the integration of faith and learning, making connections between theology and communication within a Christian worldview. All Crown students participate in Christian service assignments in surrounding communities.  Well-qualified faculty will assist you with your career plans as you acquire the knowledge, skills, and disposition for Christian leadership and vocational success. You will enjoy academic majors that include elective opportunities in other areas of interest together with options for an honors program, internships, and study abroad. You may also join in a variety of extracurricular activities in performances, media and drama clubs, yearbook and student newspaper.

About the Communication Arts Department

The Communication Arts Department desires to challenge students to be leaders in effective communication through the written, spoken and digital forms. Based on a belief that "excellent character prepares for an excellent performance," students are encouraged to develop their spiritual strength while growing their creative talents, for the glory of the Creator.

The Communication Arts degree at Crown College offers four concentrations:

- Advertising/Graphic Design

- Digital Arts

- Drama Arts

- Relational Communication

What can I do with a Communication Arts degree?

  • Marketing
  • Public relations
  • Advertising
  • Video production   
  • Writing in the publishing industry
  • Directing writing centers
  • Journalism   
  • Christian ministry