The last few years at Crown have been very exciting.  Academic programs are strong, from the Honors program launching a high altitude balloon to the Nursing program having an amazing lab and faculty.  Renovations continue to improve the facilities for student use, from dorms to stadiums.  Students have fun with activities such as ‘Mock Rock’ and Professor Hide and Seek, but still give back by donating to scholarship funds.

Growing Academic Programs and Opportunities

The Nursing program is a great source of pride, with its state of the art nursing lab and partnerships with neighboring hospitals.

In 2015, Crown College received a $500,000 grant from the Kern Family Foundation to develop a Master of Divinity program.  Offered online and in person, Crown’s program will cut down the time students need to complete their studies, while still maintaining high academic standards.  Watch more about the grant and program here.

Also in 2015, the honors program participated in the global space balloon challenge.  A team of students and professors joined other researchers from over 47 countries and launched a high altitude balloon in April.  Crown College was the only college or university in Minnesota to participate!  To see images and video from the balloon reaching 85,000 feet, click here.


Sixteenth President

The current president of Crown College, Dr. Joel Wiggins, is an alumnus of the school (class of ’76).  As a student, Dr. Wiggins studied history, became the student body president, and even met his wife Kathy.

In 2013, Dr. Wiggins was inaugurated as the sixteenth president of the college.  He brought a variety of experience, including pastoral work and time spent in the entrepreneurial business world.  His education culminated in a Ph.D. in communications.

At Crown, Dr. Wiggins emphasizes the importance of building relationships.  From greeting each new student personally, attending sports games, and entertaining people in their home, both Dr. and Mrs. Wiggins show how important the people at Crown are to them.


In 2012, the Strohm and Richardson dormitories were renovated after nearly forty years of occupancy.  The interiors were completely gutted and updated.   The exteriors were also modernized and now coordinate with the main building.
Athletic facilities have also been seeing some amazing updates.  In 2013, KleinBank Stadium opened, with lights, artificial turf, enlarged stands, and a welcome plaza.  Weight rooms and athletic training rooms have also undergone renovations and expansions.  Athletes, Exercise Science majors, or simply students interested in fitness benefit from these updates!

Student Life

Students have a various opportunities for fun and growth outside of the classroom at Crown.  There are clubs and activities to get involved in such as the Hmong Student Fellowship, Mu Kappa, the student newspaper, and intramural sports.

Homecoming has may activities, from cheering on the football team to participating in a 5K.  Another tradition at homecoming is the sailboat regatta, with boats made out of cardboard and duct tape.  Spectators and participants both have fun finding out if the boats can make it across the lake!

Barn Bashes and Mock Rock are other events that students look forward to.  Going to the Mall of America and and playing hide and seek with the faculty and staff is a treasured annual event!

In 2015, the Student Senate created the Student Scholarship Challenge, an effort to raise money by students for students.  Students could donate to a scholarship fund and give back in a very personal way.  Between the students, staff, faculty, and matching donors, $25,000 was raised for the scholarship!

Crown Recognized

For the 2015-2016 school year, Christian Universities Online, an independent online resource for students and families researching Christian higher education, ranked Crown College in the top-10 of this year’s Best Christian Colleges and Universities.  This comes as a result of continuous program enhancements, expanded degree offerings, and the school’s ongoing commitment to a high level of customer service to its students.

MONEY Magazine a well-reputed publication focused on financial management, recently released its list of 2015-2016 Best Colleges.  Out of nearly 1,500 four-year schools evaluated, Crown College was ranked in the top 15% of colleges and universities nationwide.  For those ranked from Minnesota, Crown placed in the top seven.