There was a lot of confusion surrounding the name of the school still being St. Paul Bible College when the campus was no longer located in St. Paul.  After much deliberation, the name was changed to Crown College in 1992.  The first alumni president came to the school during this decade.  Academics continued to expand and grow with the implementation of the Honors Program and the first online class.

SPBC to Crown 

Since moving the campus to St. Bonifacius, there had been confusion over the school being called St. Paul Bible College.  There were also questions over whether the ‘Bible College’ accurately represented the broadened course offerings.  A committee was selected to look at the problem and come up with possible alternatives.  President Lanpher, inspired by spiritual and heavenly crowns, suggested Crown College.

So, in 1992, the name of the school was changed to Crown College!


 Thirteenth President

Dr. Gary Benedict was chosen to serve as the thirteenth president of Crown College.  He was the first president to be an alumni of the school, having graduated in 1972.  He had the unique experience of previously being a student, administrator, and a Board member.

Dr. Benedict had a good relationship with the students, faculty, and staff.  Achievements during his presidency include the new athletic center, student union, and the development of the online program.  He very memorably rode into his first chapel on a motorcycle!

Dr. Benedict left to become the president of the Christian Missionary Alliance in 2005.

Academic Advancements

In 1999, Crown offered its first online course.  This would be the beginning of a successful online school, offering undergraduate and graduate degrees to students around the world!
Also in 1999, the Honors Program was initiated.  Accepting exceptional students, the honors program features educational opportunities, collaborations with faculty, and additional scholarships.