A major campus move happened in this decade, allowing for significant growth and development.  In 1936, in order to reflect the increasing academic rigor, the name was changed again to St. Paul Bible Institute.  Student publications also began at this time, including the first yearbook.

Englewood Campus

One of the biggest changes in the thirties for the school was a campus move.  The first campus, built in 1917 on Sherburne Avenue, was not going to be able to meet the needs of the growing student body much longer.  A Lutheran Seminary building on Englewood Avenue was purchased and a move was made in the summer of 1935.  The large, red brick building was located on spacious grounds and eventually became known as “Old Main.”  This new campus, with its chapel, dormitories, classrooms, and room to build, suited the needs of the school for decades.

Chapel and Student Publications

Chapel during this time period was every day and the men and women did not sit together!

The thirties also saw the start of student publications.  In 1936, the first student newspaper, titled the Zithian, was created.  The title changed to Institute Digest a year later and has many changes since.  Then in 1939, the first student yearbook, called The Shield, was published (and can be viewed here).


  Fourth President

Before the Englewood campus could be inhabited in 1935, repairs needed to be made.  Having been vacant for several years, windows needed to be repaired, paint needed touching up, and general cleaning was needed.  Rev. J. A. Peterson personally supervised many of the updates needed in the Englewood campus so students could move in on time.  Rev. Peterson became the fourth president of the school the same year, while also keeping up with Alliance district work.

Academics and Name Change

The thirties were also a time of increased academic rigor and standards at our school.  The majority of new students had at least a high school diploma, quality faculty were recruited, and four separate departments were formed.  To reflect these changes, the school’s name was changed to St. Paul Bible Institute in 1936.

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