Loan Entrance Counseling

Loan Entrance Counseling satisfies a federal requirement to ensure that all new Crown College student borrowers understand their rights and responsibilities for each loan program they plan to borrow through. If you have borrowed student loans at another college or university you must still complete this requirement for us.

Click on the appropriate link below to complete the required loan entrance counseling for the program(s) you will be pursuing:

Direct Stafford Loan Entrance Counseling
Sign in using your social security number, last name, birth date and FAFSA PIN.  Select "Complete Counseling" and start "Entrance"

SELF Loan Counseling
Located on the Minnesota Office of Higher Education website.

Loan Exit Counseling

Upon graduation, withdrawal or enrolling at less than half-time status, students are required to complete loan exit counseling for each type of loan which they have borrowed.

Click on the appropriate links below to complete your online loan exit counseling.

Direct Stafford Loan Exit Counseling
Sign in using your social security number, last name, birth date and FAFSA PIN. Select "Complete Counseling" and start "Exit Counseling"