Academic Scholarships

The Academic Scholarships are available to full-time new freshmen, transfer, and continuing students.


Award amount is based on a combination of cumulative high school GPA (unweighted) and ACT/SAT score. 

Dollar Amount
Trustee's Scholarship$10,000
President's Scholarship$9,000
Dean's Scholarship$8,000
Admissions Scholarship$5,000
Crown Promise Grant$1,500

New Transfer students

Award is based on cumulative college GPA.

Transfer GPAScholarship15-16
Dollar Amount
3.25 - 4.0Transfer Faculty Scholarship$7,000
2.5 - 3.249Transfer Director's Scholarship$5,000
2.0 - 2.499Transfer Ambassador's Scholarship$2,500

Application Requirements

Student applicants must complete the FAFSA.  

Scholarships for continuing students are renewable based on their cumulative GPA at Crown.

Academic Scholarship Renewal

You must maintain the following cumulative GPA to renew your academic scholarship at the same level. The renewable scholarship will not exceed the initial amount awarded.

Crown GPA
Renewals for
Freshmen Awards
3.5 Trustee's Scholarships
3.0President's Scholarship
Maintain Satisfactory
Academic Progress
Dean's, Admission's Scholarships and Promise Grant
Renewals for
Transfer Awards
3.25Faculty Scholarship
Maintain Satisfactory
Academic Progress
Director's and Ambassador's Scholarships

If your cumulative GPA drops below what is needed for scholarship renewal, your scholarship will be reduced.  If your cumulative GPA increases back to the original GPA needed, contact the Financial Aid office to have your scholarship reviewed.