Crown College Code of Conduct

The Higher Education Opportunity Act sets conditions for educational institutions to participate in Title IV programs and requires the development of and compliance with a code of conduct prohibiting conflicts of interest for its financial aid personnel [(HEOA 487(a)(25)]

In accordance with this law, the offices, employees and agents of Crown College agree to this code of conduct prohibiting:

  • Revenue-sharing arrangements with any lender

  • Directing borrowers to particular lenders, refusing, or delaying loan certifications

  • Accepting any type of consulting arrangement or contract to provide services to or on behalf of a lender or affiliate of a lender relating to education loans

  • Accepting any offer of funds for private loans to students in exchange for promising a specific loan volume or preferred lender arrangement

  • Requesting or accepting any lender assistance with call center staffing or financial aid office staffing

  • Accepting any kind of compensation for consulting arrangements to provide services for or on behalf of a lender

  • Soliciting or accepting any gift other than one of nominal value from a lender, guarantor or servicer of education loans, (a gift is defined as any gratuity, favor, discount, entertainment, and loan).
  • Receiving any compensation or financial benefit for service other than reasonable reimbursement of expenses for any Financial Aid employee who serves on a lender's advisory board.

Crown College financial aid personal:

Strive to ensure that the information they provide is accurate, unbiased and does not reflect any preference arising from actual or potential personal gain and they will refrain from taking any action they believe is contrary to law, regulation or the best interests of the students and parents they serve.